An Adventure At Night Questions & Answers

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An Adventure At Night Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Canal boat – a long narrow boat with beds, bathroom and other facilities
  • Towpath – a path beside a canal or river
  • Growled – made a deep sound expressing anger
  • Yards – units of measurement
  • Dozen – a group of twelve
  • Leaped – jumped over
  • Made for – rushed towards
  • Flung – threw
  • Choked – had difficulty in breathing
  • Staggering – walking unsteadily

Question 1: What happened when Bobbie, Phyllis and Peter reached the towpath and what did they do?

Answer: When Bobbie, Phyllis and Peter reached the towpath, an old white canal boat came within half a dozen yards of them. They sprang to their feet and hastily climbed onto the bank.

Question 2: Who was Maria and what did the man ask her to do?

Answer: Maria was his wife and when he asked her to give him his coat, she came out from the cabin door of the boat with a baby in her arms and threw a coat to him.

Question 3: Read and answer the questions:
“Well,” said the man, more gently, “move along, then, and don’t you do it again, that’s all.”

(a) When did the man calm down and become gentle?

Answer: When the man saw that the children did not have any fish hidden with them, he calmed down and spoke gently to them.

(b) What did he not want the children to do again and why?

Answer: He did not want the children to catch fish as he believed that it was his canal.

(c) What did the children do?

Answer: The children hurried up to the bank.

Question 4: What did the man, the woman and the children do after Peter had saved their child?

Answer: The woman flung herself on the railing, rolled down the bank, and snatched the baby from Peter. The man came running behind his wife. He leaped on to the boat and dipped pails of water into the canal. The children helped him and together, they put out the fire.

Question 5: Read and answer the questions:
“The boat is on fire,” said Peter. “Serves the man right.”

(a) Why do you think, Peter said this?

Answer: Peter said this as he was angry with the man for not allowing the children to fish in the canal which he claimed to be his.

(b) Who was alone on the boat?

Answer: The baby was alone on the boat.

(c) Who saved the baby’s life?

Answer: Peter saved the baby’s life with some help from the others.

Question 6: Do you think the man believed the children when they said they were not fishing in the canal? How did Bobbie and Phyllis convince him?

Answer: The man believed that they were fishing until they showed him that they were not fishing there. Bobbie held out her hands and Phyllis turned out her little empty pocket to show that they did not have any fish hidden with them.

Question 7: “What you staring at?” growled a man from the boat. “You have no right to catch fish over here. This is my canal.” What does this tell you about the man?

Answer: The lines show that the man was angry and proud. He felt that the area belonged to him.

Question 8: How do we know that the woman and the man were grateful to the children for saving their baby’s life?

Answer: The woman thanked the children for saving their child’s life. The man too thanked the children and told them that they could fish in the canal whenever they wanted to.

So, these were An Adventure At Night Questions & Answers.

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