A Chameleon Named Henry Questions & Answers

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A Chameleon Named Henry Questions & Answers

Question 1: According to the author, how did people react when they spotted a chameleon?

Answer: Some people thought that the chameleon was a dangerous animal as it appeared scary. So, when they spotted one sitting on a shrub in Grandfather’s friend’s garden, they thought it would poison them. They threw stones, waved sticks and shouted, hoping to scare the poor creature away.

Question 2: Why did Henry not bite the narrator?

Answer: Henry, the chameleon, was a timid, harmless and suspicious creature. He eyed even the friendliest gestures of the narrator, with suspicion. However, when the narrator put his finger into his wide mouth, he would not bite as he was convinced that he was supposed to use his teeth for chewing food and not for biting fingers.

Question 3: How did Henry gain entry into the narrator’s house? How was he treated there?

Answer: Grandfather had gone to visit his friend when he was distracted by a noisy scene at the garden gate, caused by a chameleon which was calmly sitting on a shrub in the garden. Nobody believed that the reptile was harmless and they tried to get rid of the innocent creature. The timely intervention of Grandfather saved the poor creature. He took him home. The family named him Henry and took care of him like a member of the family. The narrator was very fond of Henry and spent a lot of time with him watching and admiring every movement of the reptile.

Question 4: Read and answer the questions:
Then it would stop, and the other eye would look in a different direction!

(a) What would stop according to the narrator?

Answer: The narrator is talking about the movement of the chameleon’s eyeball which would stop on seeing the narrator clearly.

(b) What was unique about the eye movement?

Answer: Henry could move one eye ball without disturbing the other and each eyeball wobbled up and down and backward and forward.

(c) Was that a pleasant sight?

Answer: No, it was not a pleasant sight. The movements he made with his eyes made him appear quite scary.

A Chameleon Named Henry Questions & Answers

Question 5: How did Henry reach the nursery school? How was he welcomed there?

Answer: One day when Henry unknowingly reached the nursery school, there was confusion in the principal Mrs. Ghosh’s office. Henry slipped into a basket of papayas which Grandmother sent for Mrs. Ghosh. Mrs. Ghosh was delighted to get the basket of her favourite fruit and while admiring the fruit, out popped Henry, startling Mrs. Ghosh and the others in the room. Everyone ran for their lives. Totally confused at what was happening around him, Henry got terrified and made his escape after innocently creating havoc in the school.

Question 6: Mrs Ghosh screamed. Who was Mrs Ghosh? Why did she scream?

Answer: Mrs Ghosh was the friend of the grandmother and the principal of the nursery school. When Mrs Ghosh looked at Henry, his both eyes were revolving furiously. Then, his colour changed from green to yellow to red and his mouth open widely. This made Mrs Ghosh to scream.

Question 7: Henry was terrified? Why was Henry terrified? What happened after this?

Answer: Henry was terrified because of the shrieking sound of the assistant teacher who rushed into the office. Henry fled from the office running down the corridor and into one of the classrooms. Then, he climbed on to a desk and went out of a window. Finally, he disappeared into the garden.

Question 8: Read and answer the questions:
After that, Henry spent the rest of his days in the garden and did not go on any more adventures.

(a) What was the adventure Henry went on?

Answer: Henry accidently got into a basket of fruit that grandmother had sent to the principal, Mrs Gosh. On seeing the chameleon, everyone in the room as well as Henry got terrified.

(b) Whose garden is referred to in these lines?

Answer: The garden referred to in these lines is the narrator’s garden.

(c) Why did he spend the rest of his days in the garden?

Answer: The chameleon must have realised that there was safety in the narrator’s garden and not anywhere else.

Question 9: Why do you think Henry never went on adventures again?

Answer: Henry never went on adventures again because he knew well that if he came to the sight of people again then, he would be killed.

Question 10: What according to you was the most hilarious scene in the story?

Answer: There was total chaos in the school after Mrs. Ghosh saw a chameleon popping out of the fruit basket. It was hilarious to read about the frightened Mrs. Ghosh, the teachers and screaming students running helter skelter. Henry, terrified by all this, escaped into the garden.

Question 11: What tells you that Henry was as fond of the narrator and his family as they were of him?

Answer: Henry, terrified by the screaming students and teachers, made a quick escape from the nursery school. When Grandfather heard about the incident, he thought they would never see him again. But surprisingly, after three days Henry came back to the garden and never left them at all.

Question 12: Write True or False:

(a) Grandfather saved Henry from being attacked by men with sticks and stones – True
(b) Grandmother placed Henry in the basket of papayas – False
(c) Henry used his tongue to catch insects swiftly – True
(d) The children were very calm when Henry entered the classroom – False
(e) Henry returned to grandfather’s garden on his own – True

So, these were A Chameleon Named Henry Questions & Answers.

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