Go and Catch A Falling Star Explanation

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This poem is written by John Donne. This 27-line love poem was first seen in his collection Songs and Sonnets. It is a dramatic monologue in which the speaker addresses an unknown listener. In my previous posts, I have shared the questions and answers of Go and Catch A Falling Star so, make sure to check this post as well.

Go and Catch A Falling Star Explanation

Stanza 1

The first stanza enlists a series of impossible things – catch a falling star, find a pregnant mandrake root, gain knowledge of the past, solve the mystery of the Devil’s cloven foot, witness of the sight of mermaids singing, keep oneself immune from envy’s sting and find out the wind that has prospered the honest mind. The poet asks the reader to do these unattainable tasks in search of a true and worthy woman.

Stanza 2

In the second stanza, the poet says that if the reader was born with some power to see the unbelievable things or has superhuman qualities then, he should go on a long quest of ten thousand days which is quite impossible until his hair has gone white and he has become an old man. The poet says that even that person cannot find a faithful woman. From this stanza, it seems that no one can convince Donne regarding female nature and he is against the existence of loyalty in beautiful women.

Stanza 3

In this stanza, by using the term pilgrimage, the poet evokes thoughts of religion or spiritual creed requiring a quest. However, he declares that while the reader might travel far for such a prize, he would not even step next door to meet such a woman. This is because even if the woman were faithful when the reader first met her, she would have changed by the time the poet arrived and have cheated two or three men.

So, this was Go and Catch A Falling Star Explanation.

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