Go and Catch A Falling Star Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Go and Catch A Falling Star Questions & Answers.

This poem is written by John Donne. This 27-line love poem was first seen in his collection Songs and Sonnets. In my previous posts, I have shared the questions and answers of The Sower, The Tempest and An Angel in Disguise so, you can check these posts as well.

Go and Catch A Falling Star Questions & Answers

Choose the correct option:

(1) In the poem, Donne

i. Shows his personal experience and association with women in London and his view about woman’s faithlessness.
ii. Shows the impossibility of finding a true and faithful woman.
iii. Shows cynical attitude to the fair-s*x.
iv. Shows admiration for women.

(2) In the poem, the protagonist wishes

i. to see the devil’s foot.
ii. to meet a true woman.
iii. to hear the mermaid singing.
iv. to catch a fly.

(3) In the poem, how many days and nights must the protagonist ride?

i. one thousand
ii. five thousand
iii. ten thousand
iv. twenty thousand

(4) The tone of the poem is

i. Cynical
ii. Religious
iii. Mystical
iv. Manipulative

(5) How many impossible tasks does Donne enumerate in the first stanza of the poem?

i. Four
ii. Five
iii. Six
iv. Seven

(6) How far does Donne in his poem advise the seeker of a true woman to travel?

i. For 10,000 days and nights
ii. Throughout the universe
iii. To the farthest poles at the earth
iv. Into the centre of the earth

(7) Which of the following is not true.

i. says that it is as impossible to find a faithful woman as to catch a falling star.
ii. expresses trust in his beloved.
iii. says that it is impossible to change human nature.
iv. expresses his distrust in womankind.

(8) Go and catch a falling star is addressed to the reader to

i. tell him that true love does not exist.
ii. challenge him to find out an honest and fair woman.
iii. tell him that he should be beware of women.
iv. tell him that women are false and faithless.

(9) Which of the following is not true.

i. Donne considers a woman a heroine, a goddess and worthy of love and admiration.
ii. The metaphysical poet laughed at woman’s fashions, weaknesses and supposed faithlessness.
iii. Donne uses conceits to convey his point.
iv. Cynical attitude to the fair-s*x is found mostly in the early poems of Donne.

(10) ‘Ride ten thousand days and nights,
Till age snow white hairs on thee.’
The poetic device used in the above lines is:

i. Hyperbole
ii. Metaphor
iii. Simile
iv. Irony

Go and Catch A Falling Star Questions & Answers

(11) Which of the following is not true.

i. Donne studied at Oxford for three years.
ii. Donne’s father was an iron-monger.
iii. Donne’s mother was an Elizabethan poet’s daughter.
iv. Donne was of a rebellious temperament from the very beginning.

(12) ‘Thou, when thou return’st, wilt tell me.’ ‘Thou’ here refers to

i. The poet
ii. The lover
iii. The reader
iv. None of the above

(13) ‘What wind serves to advance an honest mind’ means

i. That an honest man can find a true woman.
ii. That a pleasant wind gives pleasure.
iii. That Honesty is the best policy.
iv. It is impossible to find out the reason which makes a man honest.

(14) Which of the following is not true.

i. Mandrake is another name for Devil.
ii. The Devil is pictured as having a cloven foot or divided hoof like the Greek God Pan.
iii. According to classical mythology mermaids were half-fish, half-woman used to sing very sweetly.
iv. The root of Mandrake resembles the human form.

(15) Why does Donne use the images of a ‘falling star’, ‘a mermaid singing’ and ‘a mandrake root’ in the poem.

i. As it is impossible to catch a falling star or meteor so is impossible to find a constant woman.
ii. As these are known impossibilities.
iii. As it is impossible to listen to the music of the mermaids so is the possibility of finding a chaste and beautiful woman.
iv. All of the above

(16) The theme of the poem is the impossibility of

i. hearing mermaids sing
ii. catching a falling star
iii. getting a child from a mandrake root
iv. finding a true woman

(17) What is the theme of the poem?

i. woman’s inconstancy
ii. woman’s constancy
iii. woman’s faithfulness
iv. journey to a woman

(18) What is the name of the plant that has human qualities?

i. Hyacinth
ii. Margosa
iii. Mandrake
iv. Belladona

(19) The poet would like to make a pilgrimage to

i. To his wife
ii. To his relative
iii. A fair and faithful woman
iv. To a church

(20) Who is considered as a pilgrimage in the poem?

i. A woman
ii. A beautiful woman
iii. A beautiful and honest woman
iv. A fair and dishonest woman

(21) Donne’s song ‘Go and Catch a Falling Star’ is marked by:

i. Far-fetched conceits
ii. The abrupt, colloquial and dramatic opening
iii. Satirical-cynical attitude to womanhood
iv. All of the above

(22) The poem is considered as a revolt against traditional love because

i. The poet keeps women on the pedestal like goddess.
ii. The poet criticizes women for their fickleness.
iii. The poet blames women
iv. The poet adores the faith of women.

(23) The conclusion in the poem is

i. That you can find true and fair woman if you go on a pilgrimage
ii. That it is impossible to find a true and fair woman.
iii. That you can find a fair and beautiful woman if you ride ten thousand days.
iv. True and fair women are rare.

So, these were Go and Catch A Falling Star Questions & Answers.

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