Anne with an ‘E’ Questions & Answers

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Anne with an ‘E’ Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) Marilla was surprised because

i. Matthew opened the door
ii. the girl was wearing an old dress
iii. the girl had long red hair
iv. she had expected to see a boy

(b) The fact that Matthew had come with a girl instead of a boy made Marilla

i. angry with Matthew for bringing her home
ii. upset and angry with the girl
iii. angry at what had happened
iv. very sad that the girl was an orphan

(c) Anne burst into tears because

i. she was tired
ii. Marilla spoke unkindly and unsmilingly
iii. she felt she would be sent back
iv. she wanted to be a boy

(d) Anne asked Marilla to call her Cordelia because

i. she felt it was a more beautiful name
ii. that was her real name
iii. it did not matter what she was called
iv. it made her feel happy and cheerful

Question 2: Who/what do the pronouns refer to in these sentences? What do these sentences tell you about the people who speak them?

(a) “Well she didn’t she brought her. I asked the stationmaster. And I had to bring her home. She couldn’t be left there, no matter where the mistake had come in.”

Answer: ‘She’ refers to Mr Spencer. ‘Her’ refers to Anne. The second time ‘she’ refers to Anne.

This sentence tells us that Mr Matthew Cuthbert was a kind-hearted and sensible person.

(b) “I might have expected it. Nobody ever did want me….it was all that beautiful to last.”

Answer: ‘It’ here refers that Anne knew that her would be parents would not love her. In the second line, ‘nobody’ refers to all people with whom Anne had lived before. ‘It’ here refers to her adoption.

This sentence tells us about Anne that she is sad and apprehensive.

Question 3: “Yes, there is need!” The child raised her head quickly showing a tear – stained face and trembling lips.

(a) What is there a need for?

Answer: Anne said there is a need to cry because she felt hurt.

(b) Why has the need come about?

Answer: When Anne came to know that she is not wanted as they wanted a boy not girl. So, she was sad and started to cry.

Question 4: “You suppose so! Don’t you know it?”

“Well now, she’s a real nice little thing, Marilla. It’s kind of a pity to send her back when she’s so set on staying here.”

(a) What are Marilla and Matthew talking about?

Answer: Marilla and Matthew are talking about whether to keep Anne with them or send her back.

(b) What is the result of this conversation?

Answer: Marilla agreed to keep Anne with them when Matthew has requested that Anne is a nice girl and it will be pity to send her back.

Question 5: Why did the Cuthberts want a boy?

Answer: The Cuthberts wanted a boy because they felt a boy was more suitable to help them with work on the farm.

Question 6: What did Anne do when she realized Marilla did not want to adopt a girl?

Answer: Anne burst into tears when she realized Marilla did not want to adopt a girl. She realized that Marilla wanted to send her back to asylum.

Question 7: Why was Anne sent to the Cuthberts when they actually wanted a boy?

Answer: Anne was sent to the Cuthberts when they actually wanted a boy because Mrs. Spencer said that they wanted a girl aged eleven. Since Mrs. Spencer said so, the matron decided to send Anne.

So, these were Anne with an ‘E’ Questions & Answers.

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