Cooking Dinner Questions & Answers

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Cooking Dinner Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) Jacob asked the children to get inside the cottage immediately because

i. the soldiers were looking for them.
ii. he wanted to cook dinner for them.
iii. he thought they should cook dinner.
iv. he wanted them to clean the cottage.

(b) Jacob had come back as quickly as he could because

i. the children were waiting for him.
ii. the children wanted food.
iii. he had to cook lunch.
iv. he had seen the troopers in the forest.

(c) Edward said that the soldiers were coming towards the cottage

i. after dinner was ready.
ii. after they had dinner.
iii. before they had dinner.
iv. before dinner was ready.

(d) Jacob did not want the troopers to look at the children, so he told them that the children were

i. tired and hungry.
ii. suffering from smallpox.
iii. all in bed, sleeping.
iv. hiding under the bed clothes.

Question 2: Number these sentences in the correct sequence to describe how dinner was cooked.


…6…The onions were cut and added to the pot.
…7…The stew was allowed to cook for a long time.
…2…The potatoes were peeled and washed.
…4…The iron pot was cleaned.
…5…The vegetables were added to the water in the iron pot on the fire.
…1…The water was fetched.
…3…The vegetables were cut.

Question 3: Why did Jacob keep the children busy?

Answer: Jacob kept the children busy because he did not want them to worry about the troopers.

Question 4: Why did Jacob ask the children to go to bed before dinner?

Answer: Jacob was afraid that the troopers would not believe his story that the children were his grandchildren. He did not want the troopers to look closely at the children so, he sent them to bed and told the troopers that they had smallpox.

Question 5: Choose the suitable meanings of these phrases and sentences from the story.

1. ….it would not do….

a. It would not be acted on.
b. It would be terrible or not good.
c. It would be undone.

2. “I don’t care,” said Humphrey. “I’ll cut and cry at the same time.”

a. Humphrey said he did not mind if chopping onions made his eyes tearful.
b. Humphrey said he would be careful when chopping onions.
c. Humphrey said he was not frightened of cutting onions.

3. He was obliged to wipe his eyes.

a. He was pleased to wipe his eyes.
b. He was forced to wipe his eyes.
c. He stopped to wipe his eyes.

4. Jacob amused the children.

a. Jacob kept the children occupied.
b. Jacob made the children laugh.
c. Jacob taught the children.

5. “…..only don’t frighten the children if you can help it.”

a. Please don’t frighten the children if possible.
b. Please help me to keep the children calm.
c. Please pray that the children are not frightened.

6. “You are welcome,” replied Jacob.

a. Jacob was happy that the troopers were at the cottage.
b. Jacob said the troopers were free to search the cottage.
c. Jacob invited the troopers in for dinner at the cottage.

So, these were Cooking Dinner Questions & Answers.

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