Returning Home Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Returning Home Questions & Answers.

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Returning Home Questions & Answers

Question 1: Match the groups of words to make meaningful sentences about the story.

Column AColumn B
1. Younguncle planned a tripa. and hear about in the village.
2. There was plenty to seeb. to his village in the cool season.
3. The children wanted to goc. what they wanted from the village.
4. The children were very upsetd. from the village were the best.
5. Then Younguncle offered to bringe. but their mother would not let them.
6. The children cheered upf. and sat with long faces.
7. All of them felt that the mangoesg. and asked for mangoes from the village.

Answer: 1-b, 2-a, 3-e, 4-f, 5-c, 6-g, 7-d

Question 2: Choose the correct option:

(a) Younguncle had spent some time as a schoolboy

i. in his brother’s house.
ii. in his ancestral village
iii. in a city
iv. in Neelamgiri

(b) Yusuf requested Younguncle to visit the Neelamgiri Sanctuary because

i. Younguncle was his friend and he liked him.
ii. Younguncle loved tigers and visiting sanctuaries.
iii. he wanted his help to see what was wrong in the sanctuary.
iv. it was close to Younguncle’s ancestral village.

Question 3: Why were the children disappointed?

Answer: The children were disappointed because their mother did not allow them to accompany Younguncle to their ancestral village to visit ancient uncle.

Question 4: What did Yusuf want Younguncle to do?

Answer: Younguncle’s friend Yusuf, was worried about the ‘Neelamgiri National Santuary’. The forest rangers he had appointed to look after it were leaving after a week without telling him why and Yusuf wanted Younguncle to look into ‘Neelamgiri National Sanctuary’.

Question 5: What gifts did Younguncle promise to bring back? Do you think he got all the gifts he promised to bring back?

Answer: Younguncle promised to bring mangoes for two older children and a hair from the tip of tiger’s tail for baby. No, I don’t think he got all the gifts promised to bring back.

Question 6: The mangoes from the village were the best in the known universe. This means the children felt the mangoes were the best. Why is the phrase ‘known universe’ used?

Answer: The phrase ‘known universe’ is used for the village or town in which they were living because they don’t know much beyond their village. Their village mangoes were the best for them and they were unknown about the rest of the world.

Question 7: Younguncle said, “What long faces!” What are long faces? Why did the children have long faces? What could be the opposite of long faces?

Answer: Long faces are disappointed faces. The children had long faces because their mother didn’t allow them to go to the village with their Younguncle. The opposite of long faces is ‘small/dull faces’.

Question 8: ….Gobarmal stories were part of the family tradition. Tradition means habit or custom. What was the custom in the family? Is storytelling a custom in your family?

Answer: Story telling was the custom in the family.  Yes, storytelling is the custom in my family as well.

Question 9: Do you think Younguncle understands the baby? Did the baby really want a hair from a tiger’s tail?

Answer: No, Younguncle was just playing with the baby and showing the pictures of tigers to her. No, the baby didn’t want a hair from a tiger’s tail.

So, these were Returning Home Questions & Answers.

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