The Fighter Questions & Answers

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The Fighter Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Snapped – spoke rudely
  • Apprehensively – anxiously
  • Make mince meat of – easily defeat
  • Smirk – an unpleasant smile
  • Taunted – mocked
  • Squandered – wasted
  • Authoritative – commanding
  • Drwaled – spoke slowly

Question 1: Based on the story, correct these sentences to make them true:

(a) The idea was to be defensive as the opposition had good bowlers.

Answer: It was Rahul’s idea to be defensive as the opposition had good bowlers.

(b) Krishna and Manjit were good batsman and quick runners.

Answer: Krishna and Manjit were quick and accurate pace bowlers.

(c) Imran thought Greg could not handle the opposition bowlers.

Answer: Imran was confident that Greg can handle the opposition bowlers.

(d) Rahul turned red and walked out of the room because he was right.

Answer: Rahul face turned red and he walked out of the room because Imran has taunted him.

(e) Rahul had to choose between playing or not playing the match.

Answer: Rahul had to make a choice – he could either catch the ball and face the risk landing on the stone or avoid the stone the miss the catch.

(f) Badal tried to increase the tension by talking about the toss.

Answer: Badal tried to reduce the tension by talking about the toss.

(g) Rahul and Imran agreed on what to do if they won the toss.

Answer: Rahul and Imran have different opinion on what to do if they won the toss.

Question 2: Read and answer the questions:

He was not hugely talented.

(a) Who is this sentence about?

Answer: This sentence is about Rahul.

(b) Was this person talented or not?

Answer: Yes, he was talented. He was good all-rounder, brilliant fielder and a good fighter in the true sense of the world.

(c) What talent are we talking about?

Answer: We are talking about talent of playing cricket.

(d) Was he good at something? What was it?

Answer: Yes, he was good in fielding. He was good all-rounder i.e. he can both bat and bowl whenever required. Overall, he was a good fighter and contribute for the team.

Question 3: Read and answer the questions:

He saw a sea of faces staring at him.

(a) Who is he?

Answer: He is referred to Rahul.

(b) Why were all these faces staring at him?

Answer: Rahul got injured while diving for a catch in the field and got unconscious. Everyone was anxious, worried about him, so they were excited to see when he became conscious.

The Fighter Questions & Answers

Question 4: Read and answer the questions:

“It won us the match, man!”

(a) What does ‘it’ refer to?

Answer: ‘It’ refers to the catch which Rahul took by diving.

(b) How did it win them the match?

Answer: James, the batsman of VHS team had to score 3 runs off the last ball to win the match and the trophy. However, Rahul took the brilliant catch, by which their team won the match.

Question 5: What qualities did Rahul have that made his teammates call him a fighter?

Answer: Rahul though was not hugely talented but he contributed either with the bat or with ball or in the field, for the team whenever his team was in crisis.

Question 6: Complete the sentences:

(a) We should bat first, try to put up a good score and then attempt to bowl them out.
(b) He had sprained his ankle and was out of action.
(c) Rahul was in fact a brilliant fielder.
(d) Rahul was stung by Imran’s remarks but he did not react.
(e) The ball took off like a rocket and headed straight for the square-leg boundary.

Question 7: In what way were Imran and Rahul different?

Answer: Imran was an egoistic person who never concerned about the feelings of others. On the other hand, Rahul was very co-operative, generous and liberal. Rahul tried his best to advice Imran in the best way but he denied for everything. But at last, he cheered for the catch griped by Rahul.

Question 8: What was Rahul’s mistake? What was the result of the mistake?

Answer: Rahul got a little overconfident and bowled a yorker. James was an experienced player. He stepped out to hoist it for a huge six and on the next ball also he got four. Due to this mistake of Rahul, their team was about to lose the match.

The Fighter Questions & Answers

Question 9: Which team won the match? How did that happen?

Answer: Rahul’s team won the match. He took a brilliant catch and won the match. Even he was injured and became unconscious.

Question 10: Read the meanings and answer the questions.

(a) Rahul was stung by Imran’s remarks but he did not react. Stung means to be pricked painfully. What remarks pricked Rahul? Why did he not react?

Answer: Imran taunted to Rahul that “don’t forget, I’m the captain and you are the twelfth man.” Rahul’s face was red but he didn’t react because he managed his anger somehow and didn’t want any argument as he knew the nature of Imran.

(b) But when the chips were down…..
When the chips are down means when a difficult and critical moment is reached. What was Rahul prepared to do at such a time?

Answer: Rahul was prepared to tackle the situation and tried his best to win the match.

(c) The NPS team was bundled out for 123 in the 26th over. Bundle out means to send off hastily or quickly. Why is the phrase bundled out used here?

Answer: Bundled out phrase is used for the opposition team which was out on 123 runs.

(d) …..concern writ large on his face.
Writ large means easy to see. How could concern be writ large on his face and why was it so?

Answer: They were about to lose the match and this expression was clearly seen on the faces of Rahul’s team.

So, these were The Fighter Questions & Answers.

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