Go Girl Go Questions & Answers

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Go Girl Go Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Quartet – a group of four
  • Peak – pick up speed
  • Incredible – unbelievable
  • Customized shoes – shoes specially made to fit her feet
  • Made History – did something great not done before

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) The year 2018 saw_______

i. a change in Indian Sport
ii. Indian women take part in the Asian Games
iii. Indians win a few medals at the Asian Games
iv. many records broken at the Asian Games

(b) The sports Hima Das takes part in is

i. athletics
ii. swimming
iii. volleyball
iv. football

(c) An extra toe on each foot caused Swapna Barman great pain because she

i. could not move comfortably.
ii. did not have shoes.
iii. did not have shoes that fit properly.
iv. had a toothache.

(d) Vinesh Phogat ‘was not at her peak during the competition’ because she

i. was more than four kilograms overweight.
ii. was on a liquid diet and so was very tired.
iii. had just lost to Yanan Sun because of an injury.
iv. was not mentally strong.

Question 2: What qualities do the sportsmen mentioned in the reports share?

Answer: The sportsmen mentioned in the reports share the qualities of courage, determination, mental strength, etc.

Question 3: What physical quality do you think a heptathlete needs the most?

Answer: As heptathlon involve seven events i.e high jump, javelin throw, shot put, long jump, 100 m, 200 m and 800 m run, the athlete should have high physical strength.

Question 4: Her next target is to do well in the 2020 Olympics. Whose target is to do well in the 2020 Olympics? Which event did she take part in? What is special about the event?

Answer: Indian Heptathlete Swapna Barman’s target is to do well in the 2020 Olympics. She took part in Heptathlon event. Heptathlon event is a combined events contest made up of seven events. This is special about the event.

Question 5: Why did Hima Das shift to 400 m events?

Answer: Hima Das was regularly participating in 100 m and 200 m run events. However, it was observed that she would start slow and peak towards the end, which made her perfect for the 400 m event. So, she shifted to 400 m events.

Question 6: Two of the three reports tell you about the difficulties the athletes had to face when they took part in their events. What were these difficulties?


  • India Heptathlete Swapna Barman had to fight pain and discomfort as customized shoe was not available to suit her feet which have one extra toe. She also had terrible toothache on the day of the final event.
  • Indian wrestler Vinesh Phogat has more than four kilograms above the requisite weight for her category just 3 days before the start of event. She had to lose four kilograms in 3 days to be eligible for participating in the event. She was on a liquid diet for three days, worked out in a non-air-conditioned hall to increase sweating. She lost 4 kilograms weight but due to this, she was not completely fir yet she won the gold medal for country.

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