Bangle Sellers Stanza-Wise Summary

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Bangle Sellers Stanza-Wise Summary.

Written by Sarojini Naidu, this poem is a celebration of female life, represents the stages of a woman’s life and their cultural rituals they are closely linked to. It also shows how an Indian woman is emotionally attached to the bangles and how these bangles represent the transition from a young girl to a woman. Below is mentioned its stanza-wise summary. I have also shared Bangle Sellers Questions & Answers and Palanquin Bearers Stanza-Wise Summary so, you can check these posts as well.

Bangle Sellers Stanza-Wise Summary

Stanza – 1

“Bangle sellers are we………………….. daughters and happy wives.”

At the beginning of the poem, the bangle sellers are introduced and the poem describes their everyday life as well. The bangle sellers are present at the temple fair to make a trade for their bangles and are calling out to people to buy them. They are praising the qualities of bangles using the adjectives like bright, delicate and rainbow-tinted thereby intending the people to buy for their daughters and wives. Bangles are bought on special occasions and are considered a symbol of happy lives of Indian womanhood. The bangle sellers say that these bangles promise happy lives to the wearer and are tokens of happy lives and happy marriages.

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Stanza – 2

“Some are meet for a maiden’s……………………… glory of new born leaves.”

In the second stanza, the bangle-sellers are talking about the different kinds of bangles that they have which cater to different types of women. Some of these bangles are suited for a maiden’s wrist who is an unmarried girl or a young woman and they are silver and blue in colour. Here silver and blue colours are compared to the mountain mist and they represent the freshness and the beauty of young maidens.

Some bangles are light red and pink in colour just like tender flower buds that are found blossoming along a woodland stream.  In this stanza, ‘buds that dreams’ presents an image of young girls who are dreaming of marriage. The bangle sellers also have some green coloured bangles which are compared to the ‘new born leaves’ because such leaves are pure, fresh and yet to see the world just like the maiden.

This stanza shows the youthful stage in a woman’s life and represents the fact different coloured bangles are worn by women in different phases of their life in Indian society.

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Bangle Sellers Stanza-Wise Summary

Stanza – 3

“Some are like fields…………………………………bridal laughter and bridal tear.”

In this stanza, the bangles sellers say that they have some yellow-coloured bangles that look like fields of sunlit corn. Here bangles are compared to ‘fields of sunlit corn’ because those bangles are suitable for a bride on the day of her wedding when she needs to look the prettiest and the brightest of all. The bangle sellers also have some flame-coloured bangles such as red and orange that represent the passion, desire and wishes of the bride. In the poem, bridal laughter means the joy of starting a new life with her husband while bridal tear means sorrow of separation from her parents. The poet has compared bridal laughter and bridal tear with the tinkling, luminous, tender and clear bangles which seem to express her joy and sorrow well. So, this stanza depicts the transition of life from a maiden to a wife.

Stanza – 4

“Some are purple………………………….. gods at her husband’s side.”

In this stanza, the bangle sellers continue to advertise their bangles and say that they have some purple and gold-flecked grey bangles. These bangles are suitable for a woman who has journeyed through life and has reached the mid-point of her life. These are for a woman who remained faithful to her husband, supported him and has raised her children well. The purple colour symbolizes pride, gold-fleck represents honour and authority whereas grey symbolizes wisdom and maturity.

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So, this was Bangle Sellers Stanza-Wise Summary. This poem shows various stages of a woman’s life and is a celebration of female life. It also attempts to show the Indian culture and the role of bangle sellers in the traditional set-up.

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