Blackberries The Fruit Questions & Answers

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Blackberries The Fruit Questions & Answers

Question 1: With whom had Andrew planned to go to the fields?

Answer: Andrew planned to go to the fields with his friends Peter and Charlotte.

Question 2: Why did Andrew want to go to the fields?

Answer: Andrew wanted to go blackberrying in the fields with his friends.

Question 3: Why did Andrew drop his plan?

Answer: Andrew dropped his plan because his mother sent him on an errand to Mrs Jones.

Question 4: What was the reaction of Mrs Jones when Andrew reached her house?

Answer: Mrs Jones was very happy and praised Andrew for being so responsible.

Question 5: Why did Mrs Jones ask Andrew to go to the backyard of her house?

Answer: As a reward for coming to her with the books, Mrs Jones sent Andrew to the backyard to pluck blackberries.

Question 6: Why couldn’t Peter and Charlotte pluck too many blackberries?

Answer: Since many other children too had come blackberrying, Peter and Charlotte did not get too many blackberries.

Question 7: Why did Andrew give some of the blackberries from his bag to his friends?

Answer: Andrew gave some of the blackberries to his friends because he was kind and generous.

Question 8: Was Andrew’s mother amazed to see his basket? Why?

Answer: Andrew mother was amazed to see his basket full of blackberries because it was so unexpected, after she had stopped him from going blackberrying with his friends.

Question 9: Choose the correct option:

1. Andrew had planned to go with his friends to pluck

(a) mangoes.
(b) grapes.
(c) blackberries.
(d) flowers.

2. Mrs Jones lived in

(a) Andrew’s village.
(b) a town.
(c) London.
(d) a faraway village

3. Peter and Charlotte met Andrew on the way and called him to go

(a) cycling.
(b) shopping.
(c) swimming
(d) blackberrying

Question 10: What did Andrew’s mother asked him to do?

Answer: Andrew’s mother asked him to run an errand for her, carrying books to Mrs Jones.

Question 11: Why did Andrew start whistling, while going to Mrs Jones’ house?

Answer: While going to Mrs Jones’ house, Andrew started whistling because it lifted his mood when he was angry or upset.

Question 12: Mention any two goad qualities of Andrew that Mrs Jones appreciated.

Answer: Mrs Jones appreciated that Andrew was kind and responsible.

Question 13: Describe how Andrew plucked blackberries.

Answer: Andrew plucked the blackberries fast and filled his basket, also stuffing them into his mouth.

Question 14: What did Andrew do to help his friends who met him on the way, while his return from Mrs Jones’ house?

Answer: While his return from Mrs Jones’ house, Andrew shared his blackberries with his friends.

Question 15: What did Andrew’s mother prepare for him after he came back?

Answer: Andrew’s mother prepared a blackberry pie for him when he came back.

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