Born To Be Fit Questions & Answers

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Born To Be Fit Questions & Answers

Sakshi Malik

Question 1: What does Sakshi’s daily fitness regime include?

Answer: Sakshi’s daily fitness regime includes 500 sit-ups and intense training.

Question 2: What is Sakshi’s idea of a ‘good time’ and ‘enjoyment’?

Answer: Sakshi’s idea of a ‘good time’ and ‘enjoyment’ is all about good sleep and spending some good time at home, like watching television. She does not like to hang out with friends or watch movies.

Question 3: Sakshi Malik has achieved laurels by leading a disciplined life. What all does this ‘disciplined life’ include and for how long has this struggle been?

Answer: The disciplined life of hers includes not to travel around or go out for movies, and this struggle has been for twelve years.

Question 4: How much does her monthly diet cost?

Answer: Her monthly diet costs around ‘35,000-40,000’ rupees.

Question 5: What has she not eaten for years? How has this helped her?

Answer: She has not eaten aloo paratha and kadhi chawal for years. This has helped her to remain fit.

Question 6: What all does her daily diet include? What does she have the most?

Answer: Her daily diet includes almonds, sprouted food, fruits, vegetables, raisins, soya bean, pulses, pomegranate and sweet lime juice as well as non-vegetarian food. She mostly has a liquid, carb-free diet.

Saina Nehwal

Question 7: How is Saina’s life different from others of her age?

Answer: Unlike others of her age, Saina doesn’t get to sleep in, watch movies or hang out with friends.

Question 8: What time dose Saina wake up each day? How many times dose Saina practise in a week?

Answer: Saina wakes up at 6 am every day and practises 6 times a week.

Question 9: What is the secret mantra of Saina’s success?

Answer: Discipline is the secret mantra of Saina’s success.

Question 10: Give a detailed account of Saina’s weekly fitness routine.

Answer: Saina’s weekly fitness routine includes 2-4 sessions of strength training, 3-6 sessions of endurance and 6-8 sessions of agility and moderate running as part of endurance training. As part of her strength training routine, she does dumb-bell pullovers, rowing exercises, military press for shoulders, heel raises for calf muscles and pull downs, amongst others. Her agility training is a customised routine including speedy bursts of running along with lunges, ab crunches, etc.

Question 11: With Saina’s example before us, how can we make a big difference to our lifestyle and health?

Answer: With a goal in mind, discipline and only our conscience to guide us, we can make a great difference to our lifestyle and health.

Virat Kohli

Question 12: What, according to Virat Kohli, are the two things that one needs the most in life?

Answer: According to Virat Kohli, the two things that one needs the most in life are focus and dedication.

Question 13: Virat believes in being dedicated and focused on his workout patterns. What does this pattern include and how does it help him?

Answer: Virat’s workout pattern includes a wide combination of weights as well as cardio exercises. While the weights allow him to have a larger body, the cardio exercises boost up his stamina. This combination has helped him develop strong muscles.

Question 14: According to Virat, what happens if you are not immune to your surroundings? How can you increase your immunity?

Answer: According to Virat, if you are not immune to your surroundings, it is not possible for you to workout and stay fit as well as healthy. To increase your immunity, we can plan a diet chart depending upon the things that your body needs.

Question 15: How do we know that Virat Kohli is very serious about what he consumes? What is his utmost urge?

Answer: Virat Kohli is very serious about what he consumes as he seems to be addicted to drinking only mineral water on his tours. His utmost urge is to avoid junk food.

Question 16: What is Virat’s advice?

Answer: Virat’s advice is that we need to boost up our stamina as less diseases means less falling ill and less falling ill means more working out.

So, these were Born To Be Fit Questions & Answers.

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