Bullet Hole in The Bread Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Bullet Hole in The Bread Questions & Answers.

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Bullet Hole in The Bread Questions & Answers

Question 1: Write who said the following statements:

1. Be careful! Don’t fall into the drain! – Ashish’s mother Seema
2. What could happen to me during such a short trip? – Ashish
3. Hurry up or I’ll slit your throat from ear to ear! – Gunman
4. Should I kick the gun out of the man’s hand? – Ashish
5. What am I going to tell my mother? – Ashish
6. Oh Ashish, my dear boy! My poor boy! – Ashish’s mother Seema
7. Mother…..you haven’t heard the whole story yet! – Ashish

Question 2: Choose the correct option:

1. Ashish was very ________ when he left the shop.

a. angry
b. happy
c. excited

2. ________ and the baker’s boy jumped with fright.

a. Mrs. Seema
b. Baker
c. Ashish

3. Glumly, Ashish held out the loaf of ________

a. wood
b. sandwich
c. bread

4. There was a ________ hole right through the loaf of bread.

a. nail
b. bullet
c. needle

5. Everyone listened as Ashish told his _________.

a. story
b. poem
c. idea

6. Ashish grinned and kissed his mother’s __________.

a. forehead
b. cheek
c. hand

Question 3: What was the name of Ashish’s mother? What fuss was she making?

Answer: The name of Ashish’s mother was Seema. She was continuously advising her son. She was advising him to look out for the traffic, to be careful, to look out for the drains while going to buy a loaf of bread from the shop.

Question 4: Why was Ashish angry at the bakery?

Answer: At the bakery, Ashish was angry because of shrinking size of bread and increased rupee that he had to pay for it.

Question 5: Did Ashish’s anger have an adverse impact on him?

Answer: Yes, Ashish’s anger had an adverse impact on him. He did not notice a van pulling up outside the bakery out of which two men jumped and pushed him back into the bakery. He was caught in a big problem.

Question 6: How were Ashish and the baker’s boy held up by the robbers?

Answer: Ashish and the baker’s boy were held up at gunpoint by the robbers.

Question 7: What did Ashish remember after the van had disappeared?

Answer: After the van had disappeared, Ashish remembered that he could have noted down the registration number of the van.

Question 8: What happened to Mrs. Seema when she saw Ashish come back?

Answer: When Mrs. Seema saw Ashish come back, she fainted in shock.

Question 9: What was the confusion between ‘bread’ and ‘head’?

Answer: Everybody thought that Seema’s head was shot but actually the bread was shot.

Question 10: What was Ashish thinking in the end?

Answer: In the end, Ashish was thinking to make his story spicier, more adventurous and more interesting.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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