The Strange Crow Questions & Answers

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The Strange Crow Questions & Answers

Question 1: Write who said the following statements:

1. Ration water. Take as little as possible – Nikhil
2. The place is clean and seems to be maintained – Shail
3. Who is it that cleans this place – Sundar
4. I am a watchman. I work with the ASI – Binoy
5. Stay here, all alone! – Sundar
6. The palace is very fine, but we can’t enjoy here any longer – Nikhil
7. We’ll manage somehow – Shail
8. I think it should be quite entertaining to dance with the fairies – Sagar

Question 2: Choose the correct option:

1. Climbing is always an ________ task.

a. fine
b. arduous
c. easy

2. The Jira Mahal stood majestically in the ___________.

a. river
b. mountain
c. valley

3. High ____________ surrounded the main Mahal.

a. boundaries
b. gates
c. walls

4. Time had certainly eaten into the __________ structure.

a. marvellous
b. good
c. strong

5. A tube- light was there on the outer wall just above the ________.

a. clock
b. window
c. door

6. Binoy told them several mysterious _______ stories.

a. ghost
b. fairy’s
c. king’s

Question 3: Who were the four boys? What had they come for?

Answer: The four boys were Sundar, Nikhil, Shail and Sagar. They had come in search of adventure in North-East India.

Question 4: Why could the four boys not complete their journey within the planned time?

Answer: The four boys could not complete their journey within the planned time because the hilly slopes and forests had interfered with their speed.

Question 5: Describe the Jira Mahal.

Answer: The Jira Mahal stood majestically in the valley. It looked like an old palace with large domes and lawns. Its pathway passed through a large garden. The building was old, but it was in quite a healthy shape.

Question 6: Who was Binoy? How did he pass his time?

Answer: Binoy was a watchman. To pass his time, he used to clean the Jira Mahal.

Question 7: Why were the four boys forced to stay in the Mahal?

Answer: The four boys forced to stay in the Mahal because it was quite late and it was difficult to go back on time.

Question 8: Who played the music at night?

Answer: Binoy, the watchman played the music at night.

Question 9: What was the mystery of the tube-light starters?

Answer: The mystery of the tube-light starters was that there was a crow who had a strange habit to pull out the tube-light starters almost every night.

Question 10: Did the boys find any fairies and monsters?

Answer: No, the boys did not find any fairies and monsters.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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