Abdullah’s Greed Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Abdullah’s Greed Questions & Answers.

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Abdullah’s Greed Questions & Answers

Question 1: Write True or False the following statements:

1. The Caliph was surprised at the words of Abdullah – True
2. Abdullah didn’t welcome the Dervish – False
3. As the smoke cleared Abdullah saw an opening in the rock – True
4. The Dervish was greatly fatigued after all this hard work – False
5. The Dervish gave Abdullah ten more of his camels – True
6. Abdullah was not interested in getting the golden box – False

Question 2: Choose the correct option:

1. Harun-ul-Rashid was the famous _________ of Baghdad in the ancient times.

a. Mayor
b. Caliph
c. King

2. The blind _________ squatted on the floor.

a. beggar
b. teacher
c. priest

3. Abdullah was leading his caravan from Basra to ________.

a. Assam
b. Ajmer
c. Baghdad

4. The Dervish put the __________ in a heap before a rock and put it on fire.

a. powder
b. firewood
c. stones

5. The Dervish and Abdullah divided the camels _______ each.

a. fifty
b. thirty
c. forty

6. The __________ applied a little of the ointment on Abdullah’s left eye.

a. Dervish
b. Caliph
c. King

Question 3: During whose rule is the story supposed to have occurred?

Answer: The story is supposed to have occurred during Harun-ul-Rashid’s rule.

Question 4: What did the poor beggar demand of the Caliph?

Answer: The beggar demanded that if the Caliph wanted to give him alms, he would have to punch the beggar hard on his face.

Question 5: How did the Dervish show treasure to Abdullah?

Answer: The Dervish put firewood in a heap before a rock and set it on fire. He sprinkled some white powder and threw it on the fire while chanting some words. A great cloud of smoke emanated from the fire. As the smoke cleared, Abdullah saw an opening in the rock. The Dervish led Abdullah into the cave. Abdullah was amazed to see heaps and heaps of gold coins, gems, pearls, diamonds and all those precious things that he might have ever imagined.

Question 6: How did Abdullah and the Dervish divide the treasure on eighty camels?

Answer: Abdullah loaded the precious treasure on his eighty camels and then, they divided the camels forty each.

Question 7: Was Abdullah’s greed satisfied after taking all of eighty camels? What did he ask for?

Answer: No, Abdullah’s greed was not satisfied after taking all of eighty camels.

He remembered that the Dervish had picked up a small golden box and his greed raised its ugly head once again. He approached the Dervish once again and asked for that golden box.

Question 8: What happened with Abdullah in the end?

Answer: The Dervish told Abdullah about the magic ointment in the box and warned him not to apply it on his right eyelid else he would become blind of both the eyes. However, Abdullah did not pay any heed to the warning and applied it on his right eye. As he opened his eyes, he could not see anything. So, in the end, he became blind forever.

Question 9: Did Abdullah trust what the Dervish had said about the ointment?

Answer: No, Abdullah did not trust what the Dervish had said about the ointment. He thought that the Dervish was not telling him the truth. He felt that if the ointment could reveal the hidden wealth when it was applied to the left eye, then, it could certainly show him much more wealth if he would apply it on his right eye.

Question 10: What did Caliph do for Abdullah’s miserable condition?

Answer: Looking at Abdullah’s miserable condition, the Caliph gave him a hut and two dirhams a day.

So, these were Abdullah’s Greed Questions & Answers.

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