The Burglar Alarm Questions & Answers

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The Burglar Alarm Questions & Answers

Question 1: Write True or False the following statements:

1. Mr. McWilliams was very sentimental when the subject of burglar alarms was raised – True
2. When Mr. McWilliams had his way, it was called a compromise – False
3. The burglar had entered the building through a second-storey window – True
4. The third storey was never put on burglar alarm – False
5. The alarm gave a happy memory to Mr. McWilliams – False
6. The burglars found a sanctuary in the house due to the burglar alarm – True
7. Finally, the alarm was traded off for a dog – True

Question 2: Choose the correct option:

1. The writer’s first impulse was to crack his ________ with a billiard cue.

a. head
b. nose
c. stomach

2. Thomas, the ____________, was supposed to switch the alarm off in the morning.

a. watchman
b. butcher
c. butler

3. Not a spare bed in the house; all occupied by _________.

a. burglars
b. servants
c. thieves

4. The expert answered the usual call, and explained that it was a “___________”.

a. morning alarm
b. false alarm
c. true alarm

5. It was at this unprotected time that the _________ calamity of all happened.

a. brightest
b. heaviest
c. lightest

6. The time stipulated was _______ months.

a. two
b. four
c. three

Question 3: What was the subject of the conversation?

Answer: The conversation drifted smoothly and pleasantly along from weather to crops, from crops to literature, from literature to scandal, from scandal to religion; then took a random jump and landed on the subject of burglar alarms.

Question 4: What was the definition of compromise between Mr. and Mrs. McWilliams?

Answer: Mr. McWilliams had to do what his wife wanted.

Question 5: Why was the second storey put on the alarm?

Answer: The second storey was put on the alarm because a burglar came in from the second storey.

Question 6: What type of formidable dimensions had the annunciator?

Answer: The ‘annunciator’ had forty-seven tags on it, marked with the names of the various rooms and chimneys and it occupied the space of an ordinary wardrobe.

Question 7: How did the alarm disturb the sleep?

Answer: The alarm disturbed the sleep as it rang every morning at five.

Question 8: Why did burglars find the house a safe sanctuary?

Answer: The burglars found the house a safe sanctuary because the police would never think of a tribe of burglars taking sanctuary in a house notoriously protected by the most imposing and elaborate burglar alarm in America.

Question 9: What did Mr. McWilliams do after they had answered three or four hundred false alarms?

Answer: After they had answered three or four hundred false alarms, Mr. McWilliams stopped responding to them.

Question 10: What did the company install to prevent false alarms? Did it help?

Answer: To prevent false alarms, the company installed new patent springs in the windows and new patent clock to take off and put the alarm morning and night without human assistance.

No, it didn’t help. It was a failure. The clocks would put the alarm on in daytime and they would not put it on at night. Also, if forced it on, they would take it off again immediately.

Question 11: What did Mr. McWilliams do in the end?

Answer: Mr. McWilliams slept with burglars for nine years and maintained an expensive burglar alarm the whole time just for their protection and not for their own and that too at his sole cost. In the end, he just said to Mrs. McWilliams that he had enough of that and so with her full consent, he took the whole thing out and traded it off for a dog.

So, these were The Burglar Alarm Questions & Answers.

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