The Machine Questions & Answers

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The Machine Questions & Answers

Question 1: Who said the following statements:

1. Let me grow and complete my studies – Sunita’s son
2. How can I live on this tragedy? – Sunita
3. Master, you know I have a daughter of marriageable age – Sunita
4. Oh, still we can’t help. We are sorry – Prem
5. I’ve worked in one and the same company for over twenty years – Prem
6. Please be seated – Manager
7. Have I committed some mistake? – Prem
8. Sir. I have a daughter of marriageable age – Prem

Question 2: Choose the correct option:

1. She took the ________ by the horns.

a. cow
b. tiger
c. bull

2. With time, her son completed his matriculation and __________.

a. intermediate
b. diploma
c. graduation

3. Destiny had been very ________ on Sunita.

a. kind
b. soft
c. harsh

4. Sunita felt dizzy, darkness enveloping her ___________.

a. nose
b. vision
c. ears

5. Prem could guess something _________ in the manager’s voice.

a. sweet
b. pleasant
c. unpleasant

6. Prem stood up from his ___________, he was feeling giddy.

a. chair
b. table
c. car

Question 3: Why was Sunita compelled to work as a housemaid?

Answer: Sunita was compelled to work as a housemaid because her husband got permanent disability in his limbs. She worked to educate her kids and feed her family.

Question 4: Why was Sunita’s son not in the favour of marrying his sister at that time?

Answer: Sunita’s son was not in the favour of marrying his sister at that time because he wanted her to marry when he would become an officer that will help get a better boy for her.

Question 5: What calamity befell Sunita’s son?

Answer: The machine on which Sunita’s son worked developed some snag and he was electrocuted to death.

Question 6: How did Sunita lose her job?

Answer: Sunita had been washing clothes at her master’s house for the past many years but they bought a washing machine and so, they no longer needed her services. That is how she lost her job.

Question 7: How was Prem’s joy shattered at his office?

Answer: Prem’s joy was shattered at his office because he lost his job.

Question 8: How similar were the words uttered by Sunita and Prem?

Answer: Both Sunita and Prem said that they have a daughter of marriageable age.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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