The Unforgiving Monkey Questions & Answers

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The Unforgiving Monkey Questions & Answers

Question 1: Describe about the chief of monkeys.

Answer: The chief of monkeys was very wise and a great philosopher. He learnt many sciences and always tried to teach other monkeys too.

Question 2: What advice did the chief give to the other monkeys?

Answer: The chief advised other monkeys that the behaviour of the cooks towards the ram could lead to some accident. So, they should get away from there to save themselves.

Question 3: Why did the chief decide to leave alone?

Answer: The other monkeys were enjoying their lavish treatment and did not want to go back to the jungle. They refused to pay any heed to the chief’s warnings and decided to stay. They assumed that the chief was getting old and having all types of weird thoughts. Thus, the chief decided to leave alone.

Question 4: How did the stable engulf in fire?

Answer: One of the cooks got very angry and unable to get anything handy, he threw half-burnt log from the oven. The log hit the ram. As the ram’s body was covered with wool, it instantly caught fire. In the pain of the fire, ram ran to the stable. The dry grass for the horses caught fire and, in a moment, the whole stable was engulfed in fire.

Question 5: What did the chief monkey notice near the lake?

Answer: The chief monkey noticed that there were many footprints of both men and animals which led to the lake but not a single footprint which led away from the lake. He became aware and concluded there must be something wrong in this beautifully decorated lake.

Question 6: What did the chief monkey tell to the King about the treasure?

Answer: The chief monkey told the King about the hidden treasure of Kuber. He said that it was secretly hidden inside the lake and anyone who took bath in the lake could have as much treasure as he could carry.

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