The Crow and The Peacock Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share The Crow and The Peacock Questions & Answers.

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The Crow and The Peacock Questions & Answers

Question 1: Write True or False:

1. The peacock was getting married – False
2. The tiger was invited to the wedding – False
3. The peacock wanted to look colourful – True
4. The crow had some cans of paint – True
5. The crow was a great artist – True
6. The crow painted himself in rainbow colours – False
7. The peacock painted the crow all black – True
8. The crow looked very colourful – False
9. We should water a cactus daily – False

Question 2: Choose the correct answer:

1. Who had been invited to the wedding?

(a) The peacock and the crow.
(b) The tiger and the peacock.

2. ‘This is an important wedding.’ Who said this?

(a) The crow.
(b) The peacock.

3. Who had some cans of paint?

(a) The crow.
(b) The peacock.

4. What did Crow and Peacock want to do for the wedding?

(a) They wanted to make themselves colourful.
(b) They wanted to buy some good present for Tiger.

5. What did Crow have?

(a) Some cans of paint.
(b) Some cans of rainbow.

6. How did Crow paint peacock?

(a) In rainbow colours.
(b) In yellow and blue colours.

7. How did Peacock feel when he looked at himself in a pool of water?

(a) He felt very angry.
(b) He felt very proud.

Question 3: Who said these words:

1. ‘We are in danger.’

Answer: Peacock

2. ‘I didn’t hear any cry.’

Answer: Crow

3. ‘Come here and I will paint you.’

Answer: Peacock

4. ‘Now it is time for you to paint my feathers.’

Answer: Crow

5. ‘Please use your colours to make me beautiful.’

Answer: Peacock

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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