A Tiger Tells His Story Questions & Answers

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A Tiger Tells His Story Questions & Answers

Question 1: How big can a tiger be?

Answer: A tiger can be ten feet long from nose to tail.

Question 2: What colour is a tiger?

Answer: Tiger is orange in colour but it has narrow black stripes on its body.

Question 3: Where does a tiger like to live?

Answer: A tiger likes to live in big cave in forest.

Question 4: What does a tiger do during the day?

Answer: A tiger sleeps during the day.

Question 5: What is a tiger’s favourite food?

Answer: A tiger’s favourite food is meat.

Question 6: Why don’t we have many tigers now?

Answer: We don’t have many tigers now because man has started killing them.  Also, he cut down the forests where the tigers live.

Question 7: Complete the sentences:

1. Our national animal is the tiger.
2. The tiger has black stripes on its body.
3. The whiskers of a tiger are quite stiff.
4. The tiger can see well at night.

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