Koala Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Koala Questions & Answers.

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Koala Questions & Answers

Question 1: Write True or False:

1. The koala is a mammal – True
2. Koalas sleep at night – False
3. The koala is a marsupial – True
4. A baby koala is born blind – True
5. The koala has a black nose – True
6. Koalas eat the fruit of trees – False
7. We have no koalas in the world now – False
8. Koalas live in nests on the ground – False

Question 2: Complete the sentences:

1. Koalas live in Australia.
2. A koala looks like a live teddy bear.
3. The fur of a koala helps to keep it warm and dry.
4. The koala and the kangaroo are marsupials.

Question 3: Choose the right answer:

1. What is the colour of a koala’s fur?

(a) Brownish above and yellowish below.
(b) Yellowish above and brownish below.

2. How does a koala mother feed its baby?

(a) On her milk.
(b) On eucalyptus leaves.

3. Where does a female koala have a pouch?

(a) On its back.
(b) On its underside.

4. How big is a koala baby when it is born?

(a) As big as a bean.
(b) As big as an apple.

5. What does a koala baby do when it is scared?

(a) It rides on its mother’s back.
(b) It hops into its mother’s pouch.

6. How does a koala chew the leaves it eats?

(a) With its flat teeth.
(b) With its sharp teeth.

7. When does a koala come down to the ground?

(a) To move to a new tree.
(b) To have rest for the night.

Question 4: Solve the Koala crossword puzzle:
(Please refer to the image provided in the book)


1. An animal that feeds milk to its young – Mammal
3. The country where koalas live – Australia
4. Koalas eat the leaves of this tree – Eucalyptus
6. The name for animals that are active after dark – Nocturnal


1. A mammal with a pouch – Marsupial
2. Where a koala ears and sleeps – tree
5. New growth on the tips of tree branches – shoots
7. Where a marsupial carries her baby – pouch
8. A kind of marsupial – koala

So, these were Koala Questions & Answers.

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