Wonder Questions & Answers

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Wonder Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Homeschooled – taught at home instead of in school
  • Completely petrified – very scared
  • Xbox – a popular video gaming set
  • Boy stuff – here, illustrations for male children
  • Isn’t so hot – here, is not that good
  • Freak – here, someone who is considered strange because of the way they look
  • Morphed – changed into something different
  • Syndrome – a health condition that indicates a problem

Question 1: Fill in the blanks:

(a) August knew he was not an ordinary kid.
(b) However, he behaved ordinary.
(c) This was because he did things like other ordinary children.
(d) When other children saw August for the first time, they were stunned.
(e) Via, his sister, felt she had to protect him from other people’s staring.
(f) The problem with August was his weirdest looking face.
(g) It looked like that because he had twenty-seven surgeries.

Question 2: Why is August a ‘medical wonder’?

Answer: August has a rare syndrome which required several surgeries to correct his facial disorders. He is a ‘medical wonder’ because he had undergone twenty-seven surgeries till the age of ten.

Question 3: And I feel ordinary. Inside. What made August say this? In what ways did he feel ordinary?

Answer: August knew people stare at him because he looked odd. However, he also knew that except his looks he is an ordinary child like any other ordinary kid. He does ordinary things, eat ice-cream, ride bikes, play ball and Xbox that an ordinary kid does.

Question 4: What nickname did the kids in school give August?

Answer: The kids in the school nicknamed him the Zombie kid.

Question 5: People think I haven’t gone to school because of the way I look, but it’s not that. Why did August not go to school? How did he get his education?

Answer: August did not go to school because he got twenty-seven surgeries till the age of ten. He got his education at home as his parents decided his home-schooling.

Question 6: Why did Summer like to spend time with August?

Answer: Summer liked to spend time with August because he was a nice kid and was a fun.

Wonder Questions & Answers

Question 7: The weirdest-looking kid I’ve ever seen, yes. But just a kid. Did Summer think August was odd? Why or why-not?

Answer: Though Summer admitted that August’s face takes some time to get used to but she didn’t think him odd. She liked sitting with him because he was a nice kid and was a fun.

Question 8: How did Summer’s mother feel when she first saw August?

Answer: Summer’s mother was shocked when she first saw August.

Question 9: I had warned Mom about August’s face. Why had Summer warned her mother? What had she told her?

Answer: Summer had warned her mother because she did not want to hurt August. She knew that her mother was not good at faking her feelings so, she warned her not to make faces after seeing August’s face. Summer had described to her mom about August’s face and how he looked like.

Question 10: What did Summer say that made August feel happy and proud?

Answer: The syndrome which August had was rare and it didn’t have any name. Summer called him a Wonder of Science and he called himself a cool bean.

Question 11: What do you know about August’s family from this extract?

Answer: August’s parents were very nice and they took good care of him. They took the decision of homeschooling him. August’s sister, Via was quite protective for him. So, the family was very cooperative and supported August at every step.

Question 12: Did Summer find it hard to ask August about his appearance? Why or why not?

Answer: Yes, Summer found it hard to ask August about his appearance. She tried several times but was hesitated to ask because she didn’t want to hurt him or make him sad.

So, these were Wonder Questions & Answers.

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