Of The Earth Questions & Answers

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Of The Earth Questions & Answers

Question 1: Write True or False:

1. Megha jumped onto her mother’s lap – True
2. Megha asked Mom about her day at school – False
3. Hema said she was named after her grandpa – False
4. Megha’s full name was Meghpushpa – True
5. Megha’s dad was a great lover of nature – True
6. It was very hot when Megha was born – False
7. Megha’s dad gave her a name of the earth – True
8. Meghpushpa is a Sanskrit word – True

Question 2: Choose the correct answer:

1.  What stories did Megha love?

(a) The stories her teacher told her.
(b) The stories her mother told her.

2.  What story did Megha tell her mother?

(a) The story of her day at school.
(b) The story of her name of the earth.

3.  What story did Megha’s mother tell her?

(a) The story of her name.
(b) The story of the earth.

4.  What was the nightingale doing when Megha was born?

(a) It was dancing.
(b) It was singing.

5.  Why did Meghpushpa’s dad give her that name?

(a) Because he said Meghpushpa looked like a flower.
(b) Because he said that names should be of the earth.

Question 3: Who gave Megha her name?

Answer: Megha’s name was given by her father.

Question 4: Who were Raghu and Hema?

Answer: Raghu and Hema were Megha’s classmates.

Question 5: What is the meaning of the word, ‘Meghpushpa’?

Answer: The meaning of the word, ‘Meghpushpa’ is a flower born out of clouds.

Question 6: What did Dad say on seeing Megha after her birth?

Answer: On seeing Megha after her birth, Dad smiled and said, ‘A lovely little flower’.

Question 7: What kind of morning was it when Megha was born?

Answer: It was a cool and pleasant morning when Megha was born.

So, these were Of The Earth Questions & Answers.

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