The Cactus A Desert Plant Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share The Cactus A Desert Plant Questions & Answers.

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The Cactus A Desert Plant Questions & Answers

Question 1: Write True or False:

1. The cactus grows in dry places – True
2. The cactus has green leaves – False
3. The cactus stores water in its roots – False
4. The cactus has spines all over its stem – True
5. All cactuses have the same shape – False
6. The saguaro cactus is tall like a tree – True
7. The cactus has flowers once in five years – True
8. We can use cactuses as hedges – True
9. We should water a cactus daily – False

Question 2: Choose the correct option:

1. What is a cactus stem covered with?

(a) Leaves.
(b) Spines.

2. Where do cacti grow?

(a) In deserts.
(b) In muddy places.

3. What makes the cactus waterproof?

(a) The spongy inside.
(b) The waxy outside.

4. What helps the cactus to take up moisture?

(a) Its long roots.
(b) Its prickly spines.

5. What saves the cactus from the desert animals?

(a) Its prickly spines.
(b) Its thick hard walls.

6. Which cactus has the prickliest spines?

(a) The cholla cactus.
(b) The saguaro cactus.

7. Which cactus is tall like a tree?

(a) The cholla.
(b) The saguaro.

8. What kind of flowers does a cactus give?

(a) Large and brilliant in colour.
(b) Prickly and dangerous to touch.

Question 3: What is a cactus?

Answer: A cactus is a desert plant that has no leaves. It only has a fleshy stem and the stem is covered with prickly spines.

Question 4: What does a cactus have on its stem?

Answer: A cactus has prickly spines on its stem.

Question 5: What makes a cactus waterproof?

Answer: The waxy coating outside its stem makes a cactus waterproof.

Question 6: What saves a cactus from desert animals?

Answer: The prickly spines save a cactus from desert animals.

Question 7: Name any two types of cactus?

Answer: Two types of cactus are:

  • The cholla.
  • The saguaro.

Question 8: Does a cactus give flowers?

Answer: Yes, a cactus gives flowers but once in five years.

Question 9: Name some uses of the cactus?

Answer: Some uses of the cactus are:

  • These are grown for their juicy fruits.
  • They are used in making medicines.
  • Cacti hedges serve as good barriers.

So, these were The Cactus A Desert Plant Questions & Answers.

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