Lucy Gray Questions & Answers

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Lucy Gray Questions & Answers

Question 1: Write True or False for the following statements:

1. Lucy Gray was a sweet child – True
2. Lucy’s father asked her to bring back his brother – False
3. Lucy’s parents find her footprints when they were searching for her – True
4. Lucy has no playmates to play with – True
5. Lucy has one brother – False

Question 2: Choose the correct option:

1. Lucy gray has __________.

a. One sister
b. One brother
c. none of them

2. Lucy was a ____________.

a. Solitary child
b. orphan child
c. both of the above

3. Suddenly the ____________.

a. Drought come
b. Tsunami come
c. storm came

4. Lucy’s parents find her __________ in the snow.

a. footprints
b. slippers
c. shoes

5. Lucy was going to bring her ___________.

a. sister
b. mother
c. father

Question 3: Who was Lucy? Where did she live?

Answer: Lucy was a little girl who lived with her parents on a wide moor.

Question 4: What did her father ask her to do one afternoon and why?

Answer: Lucy’s mother had gone to the town and the night was going to be stormy. Her father asked her to take a lantern and light her mother home.

Question 5: What shows that Lucy was a dutiful and loving child?

Answer: Lucy at once agreed to do what her father said. She said, “That, Father! Will I gladly do.” It shows what a dutiful and loving child Lucy was!

Question 6: What time of the day was it when Lucy started for the town?

Answer: It was hardly afternoon when Lucy started for the town.

Question 7: What did Lucy take with her and why?

Answer: Lucy took with her a lantern to light her mother home through the snow.

Question 8: Why has Lucy been compared to a roe (line 25)?

Answer: Lucy was a lovely and lively child. On her way to the town, she went dispersing the powdery snow with her feet. That is why she has been compared to a roe.

Question 9: Why could Lucy not reach the town?

Answer: The storm came before its time. Lucy was caught in the storm and she lost her way. That was why she couldn’t reach the town.

Question 10: What did the parents do to find Lucy?

Answer: The parents wandered all night to look for Lucy. They went shouting far and wide, but found no trace of her.

Question 11: How far was the wooden bridge from their door?

Answer: It was a furlong from their door.

Question 12: ‘In heaven we all shall meet!’ Who said this and why?

Answer: Lucy’s parents said these words. They were now almost certain that Lucy had been killed in the storm. They wept and said they would meet her in heaven only.

Question 13: What did the parents do on seeing Lucy’s footmarks in the snow?

Answer: The parents went downwards from the hill and traced the little footmarks in the snow.

Question 14: Name the places where the traces of Lucy’s footmarks were seen.

Answer: The traces of Lucy’s footmarks were seen in the following places:

i. Through the broken hawthorn hedge.
ii. By the long stone-wall.
iii. Across an open field.
iv. Along the snowy bank.
v. Up to the middle of the plank (that was the wooden bridge).

Question 15: Where did Lucy’s footworks lead the unfortunate parents?

Answer: Lucy’s footworks led the unfortunate parents to the middle of the plank that was the wooden bridge.

Question 16: What do you think would have happened to Lucy?

Answer: She must have fallen over the plank into the snowy stream. She was drowned or washed away.

Question 17: What do people still believe about Lucy?

Answer: People believe she is still a living child. They say she can be been tripping about on the lonely moor. She sings a solitary song and never looks behind. Her song whistles in the wind.

Question 18: Why was Lucy Gray called the solitary child?

Answer: Lucy Gray was called the solitary child because she lived in the wild Moor and there was no child.

So, these were Lucy Gray Questions & Answers.

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