The Man in The Tunnel Questions & Answers

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The Man in The Tunnel Questions & Answers

Question 1: What did the three friends do every Sunday morning?

Answer: Every Sunday morning, the three friends used to meet in a park where they told their stories.

Question 2: How was the best storyteller rewarded?

Answer: The best storyteller was rewarded with a free large Coke and a burger at McDonald’s or KFC’s.

Question 3: What was unique about George’s stories?

Answer: George’s stories were always full of mystery and suspense.

Question 4: Why did George stop his bike inside the tunnel?

Answer: George saw a man inside the tunnel. He was standing in the middle of the road and could cause an accident and get badly hurt. Therefore, George stopped his bike to tell the man no to endanger his life.

Question 5: Where did the stranger say he lived?

Answer: The stranger said that he lived on the other side of the river.

Question 6: What happened when George stopped his bike at the crossroads?

Answer: George was riding his bike and had given lift to a stranger. He stopped his bike at the crossroads to ask the stranger if he would like to get off there. But there was no answer. George turned to look at the man. To his surprise, the man was nowhere there behind him.

Question 7: Why did George go back through the tunnel?

Answer: George stopped his bike at the crossroads to drop the man sitting behind him. But when he turned to look at the man, he was nowhere there. George thought the man could have fallen off the bike on the way. So, he went back through the tunnel to look for him.

Question 8: Why did George try to find out the stranger’s house?

Answer: George had given the stranger a lift on his bike the previous night. But the stranger had disappeared mysteriously from behind him. George remembered the address where the stranger had said he lived. The next morning, he decided to go to the stranger’s house and find him.

Question 9: What did the lady tell George about the stranger?

Answer: The lady said that the man, George was talking of was her husband and that he had died ten years earlier.

Question 10: Complete the sentences:

1. The stories told by George were usually better than those told by the other two friends.
2. George’s home and office were situated on the opposite sides of the river.
3. In order to reach his office, George had to go through a tunnel under the river.
4. George was angry to see the stranger standing in the middle of the road.
5. The stranger wanted George to take him with him on his bike.
6. George found the house where the stranger lived.
7. George told the lady his story about the stranger.
8. The lady said that her husband had died in a car accident ten years earlier.

So, these were The Man in The Tunnel Questions & Answers.

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