Who Are You Questions & Answers

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Who Are You Questions & Answers

Question 1: The man was told that the house was haunted. How did he react?

Answer: He just laughed and said that he didn’t believe in ghosts. He said that he had never heard such a thing as ghosts groaning and chains rattling in the night.

Question 2: How did the man offer to prove that he did not believe in ghosts?

Answer: The man offered to spend the night alone in the haunted house. He wanted to show that there was no such thing as ghosts.

Question 3: Why do you think the others nudged each other?

Answer: The others nudged each other to indicate how the man was getting caught in his own trap by offering to spend the night in the haunted house. They were certain that the man would see the ghost there and then realise how wrong he was in his disbelief about the existence of ghosts.

Question 4: How did the man feel on hearing the screech of owls?

Answer: The man was not at all afraid on hearing the screech of owls. In fact, he felt glad of it. He felt that it was everyone’s duty to disprove any superstitious belief. He was glad that he was going to disprove the existence of ghosts.

Question 5: Why do you think the man picked up the poker?

Answer: The man heard some noises in the house. He thought it could be some silly joker only. Still, he thought it would be well to pick up a poker for safety’s sake.

Question 6: Can you say that the man was afraid? Give your reasons.

Answer: In the beginning, the man was not afraid. But as night advanced, he heard some strange noises. He heard the rattling of chains. He heard someone screaming and also heard the stroke of twelve though there was no clock. Soon his nerves gave way and he became extremely afraid. It was because of this fear that he crept into the cupboard to hide himself there.

Question 7: What happened when the man crept into the cupboard?

Answer: When the man crept into the cupboard, he heard a voice that said, “How do you do? I am the ghost. Pray, who are you?” It could be the voice of some real ghost or just a figment of the man’s frightener mind. It could also be some outlaw hiding.

Question 8: Do you think the ghost in the story is a frightening figure? Give your reasons.

Answer: No, the ghost in the story is far from being frightening. In fact, it proves itself a comic figure. Instead of roaming about in the dark night, it is hiding itself in a cupboard. Instead of frightening the man in the house, it asks him very politely: “Pray, who are you? Whatever else, it was not frightening and not a ghost at all.

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