Can Mice Eat Iron Questions & Answers

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Can Mice Eat Iron Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Incurred great losses – lost a lot of money
  • Beside himself with anger – very angry
  • Gobbled – to eat quickly
  • Hue and cry – protest loudly
  • Sarpanch – village head
  • Shamefacedly – looking ashamed
  • Panchayat – village court
  • Swooped down – moved downward very fast

Question 1: Complete the sentences:

(a) Laxman and Mani Ram were good friends.
(b) Mani Ram did not believe that his iron scale was eaten by mice.
(c) Mani Ram went to Laxman’s house crying that a hawk swooped down and carried his son away.
(d) The sarpanch kindly told Mani Ram to explain what actually happened between the two friends.
(e) The villagers laughed when they heard Laxman’s story about the mice that ate the iron of weighing scales.

Question 2: Match the columns:

Column AColumn B
1. Mani Ram was worried abouta. the weighing scales had been eaten by mice.
2. Mani Ram gave the weighing scalesb. and returned the weighing scales to Mani Ram in the end.
3. Laxman said thatc. the safety of his weighing scales.
4. Mani Ram wantedd. to Laxman for safekeeping.
5. Laxman apologizede. Laxman to return the scales.

Answer: 1-c, 2-d, 3-a, 4-e, 5-b

Question 3: Why did Mani Ram leave his weighing scales with Laxman?

Answer: Once, Mani Ram had to go to the neighbouring town for some work. As he was the only person at his house, he was worried about the safety of weighing scales. He was worried that if he left his precious weighing scales behind, they might be misplaced in his absence. So, he decided to leave them with his friend, Laxman.

Question 4: What did Mani Ram tell Laxman when he came to know about the missing weighing scales?

Answer: Mani Ram was shocked by what he heard from Laxman. He said that it was impossible for mice to eat iron scales. Mani Ram shouted, ‘No creature eats iron!’

Question 5: Where did Mani Ram take Laxman’s son?

Answer: Mani Ram was carrying a large bundle and he wanted to take bath in the river so, he took Laxman’s son to the river to help him carry his things.

Question 6: Who had gathered to listen the case?

Answer: All the villagers along with Sarpanch had gathered to listen the case.

Question 7: How did the Sarpanch guess that Laxman was lying about the weighing scales?

Answer: When Mani Ram told everyone about the fake story narrated by Laxman of eating iron weighing scales by mice, the Sarpanch guessed that Laxman was lying because no creature eats iron.

So, these were Can Mice Eat Iron Questions & Answers.

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