Can We Change This Questions & Answers

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Can We Change This Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Pallas – people of a particular upper caste
  • Parayas – people of a particular lower caste
  • Proceedings – a series of actions
  • Muzzled – here, animals have guards on their mouths to prevent them from being biting or feeding
  • Double up – laugh so hard that one bends over
  • Annan – Tamil word for elder brother
  • Reverently – showing respect
  • Infuriated – made extremely angry

Question 1: What was the sight that the narrator found amusing?

Answer: The narrator was amused to see a strange thing that an elder person from the street of Parayas was bringing the parcel of Vadai by holding it with a string so that it won’t get touched by that person. The manner in which he was walking made the narrator want to laugh.

Question 2: Why was the narrator’s Annan not amused by her story?

Answer: The narrator’s Annan realized the significance of the act. He knew that the elder from their community had to be humble and humiliate himself for a Naicker. It was not funny.

Question 3: What feeling did the realization of truth evoke in the narrator?

Answer: The narrator stopped feeling amused and became sad instead. She also felt provoked and angry at the unwanted humiliation.

Question 4: What discrimination did the narrator undergo on daily basis at school?

Answer: The narrator and the other children from her caste were used for cheap labour. They watered plants and did all chores that were needed in school. Yet, if anything was stolen the blame had to be taken by the children.

Question 5: Why was the Naicker furious, can it be justified?

Answer: The Naicker was furious because a Paraya lad, the grandson of one of the servants had dared to speak to a man from a higher caste in a disrespectful manner. This cannot be justified but norms of society made this behaviour accepted.

Question 6: Justify the title of the story.

Answer: The title recognises the fact that certain social practices that have been carried on for centuries need to change. It stresses that discrimination on the basis of caste, class, colour and community must change. The title ‘Can we change this’ means can we change the behaviour of people towards lower castes, can we change our society and can we stop people from misbehaving with lower caste people.

So, these were Can We Change This Questions & Answers.

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