Chocko Gets a Little Help Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Chocko Gets a Little Help Questions & Answers.

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Chocko Gets a Little Help Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why was the boy given his name?

Answer: The boy was given his name because he liked chocolate.

Question 2: What did Chocko’s dad give him every week?

Answer: Every week, Chocko’s dad gave him pocket money.

Question 3: Did Chocko’s mother worry about him? How do we know?

Answer: Yes, she does. We can tell that she is worried because she talks to him about how much chocolate he is eating every day.

Question 4: Did Chocko want to stop eating so much chocolate?

Answer: Yes, Chocko wanted to stop eating so much chocolate but he did not know how to stop.

Question 5: What did Chocko see in his room one night?

Answer: One night, Chocko saw a little man in a purple turban in his room.

Question 6: What did he find on his bedside table?

Answer: He found ten beads on his bedside table.

Question 7: What did Chocko tell his dad?

Answer: Chocko told his dad to put his pocket money in the bank.

Question 8: Put the sentences in correct order:


…5…Chocko saved his pocko.
…2…Chocko went to the corner store.
…6…The puppet was seen on the rubbish heap.
…4…Chocko’s teeth got darker and darker.
…3…The little man in the turban spoke to Chocko.
…1…Chocko collected his pocket money.

Question 9: Complete the following sentences:

1. Chocko was trying to stop eating chocolate.
2. Every day Chocko’s mother spoke to him.
3. ‘When you have no beads left, then I will come and get you.’

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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