Mangoes and Guavas Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Mangoes and Guavas Questions & Answers.

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Mangoes and Guavas Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why did the snake come to Parvez?

Answer: The snake came to Parvez because she liked his music.

Question 2: How did the snake help Parvez?

Answer: The snake helped Parvez by giving him a gold coin everyday for the music that he played with his flute.

Question 3: Which fruit did Parvez prefer?

Answer: Parvez preferred both mangoes and guavas.

Question 4: What happened when Parvez planted the twig?

Answer: When Parvez planted the twig, it grew into a fine tree.

Question 5: What did Parvez do with the fruit?

Answer: Parvez sold the fruit in the town.

Question 6: Why did the captain groan?

Answer: The captain groaned because he thought that he had lost his ship.

Question 7: What kind of a person was Parvez?

Answer: Parvez was an honest man. He returned the ship to the captain.

Question 8: What are the following things? You will find them in Parvez’s story.

1. An animal that looks like a long, green rope – Snake
2. A round, yellow thing like a ball – Mango
3. A place to live in – Hut
4. A thing for making music – Flute

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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