Chulbul’s Tail Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Chulbul’s Tail Questions & Answers.

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Chulbul’s Tail Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Gaze – look
  • In a blink – very quickly
  • Leapt – jumped
  • Muttered – spoke softly
  • Pondered – thought deeply about
  • Staggering – walking unsteadily as if one were about to fall
  • Insisted – demanded that something happens
  • Peered – looked closely at
  • Repented – felt sorry
  • Pranced – jumped about in joy
  • Stumbling – walking awkwardly in an unsteady way

Question 1: Complete the sentences:

(a) Chulbul was a little squirrel who was very naughty.
(b) She wanted to change her tail because it was too light.
(c) Sometimes she would stand on her two legs and sometimes she would chase birds.
(d) She went to Dr. Bombo to get a new tail.
(e) First, she got a monkey’s tail then a cat’s tail. In the end, she got her own tail.

Question 2: Who was Dr Bombo? Why did Chulbul go to him?

Answer: Dr Bombo was a bear. Chulbul went to Dr Bombo because she wanted to change her tail.

Question 3: Why did she have trouble with the monkey’s tail?

Answer: She had trouble with the monkey’s tail because it was too heavy and she could neither walk easily nor could she climb a tree.

Question 4: How did the cat’s tail create a problem for her?

Answer: A dog chased Chulbul thinking she was a cat. When Chulbul tried to run away from the dog, she realized that the tail was too heavy and she struggled to escape from the dog.

Question 5: When was Chulbul happiest? Why?

Answer: Chulbul was happiest when she got her own tail because it was so furry and light, fit her perfectly well so, she could scamper easily all day.

So, these were Chulbul’s Tail Questions & Answers.

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