Class 10 The Ball Poem MCQ

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Class 10 The Ball Poem MCQ.

Written by John Berryman, this poem conveys the inevitable loss of possessions in a life of human over time.
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Class 10 The Ball Poem MCQ

Word Galaxy

  • O there are other balls – The words suggest that the loss is not important enough to worry about
  • Shaking grief – sadness which greatly affects the boy
  • Rigid – stiff
  • (To) intrude on – here, to enter a situation where one is not welcome
  • A dime – ten cents (U.S.)
  • Desperate – hopeless
  • Epistemology of loss – understanding the nature of loss — what it means to lose something

1. What, what is he to do? The poet is asking the question to?

(a) To himself
(b) To the people there
(c) To the little boy
(d) None of these

2. In the poem, the term ‘ball’ symbolizes:

(a) Materialism
(b) Responsibility
(c) Innocence
(d) Possession

3. What was the boy doing when the poet saw him?

(a) Boy was playing with his ball.
(b) Boy went into the water to get his ball.
(c) Boy threw his ball in the water.
(d) Boy saw his ball being washed away by water.

4. Where did the ball go?

(a) The ball was lost in the mud.
(b) The ball went up in the air.
(c) The ball went into water.
(d) The ball was taken away by a dog.

5. The boy in the poem is suffering from a sense of:

(a) Depression
(b) Loss
(c) Melancholy
(d) Responsibility

6. What happened as the ball went into the water?

(a) The boy was surrounded by sorrow.
(b) The boy was grief stricken.
(c) The loss was unbearable for the boy.
(d) All of these.

7. What does ‘O there are other balls’ mean?

(a) The poet has a lot of balls in his home.
(b) A person is selling many balls there.
(c) The loss is not important enough to worry about.
(d) All of these

Class 10 The Ball Poem MCQ

8. Why does the poet say ‘No use to say – O there are other balls’?

(a) The boy hates the ball.
(b) The ball is special to the boy and any other ball can’t replace it.
(c) The boy won’t listen.
(d) The ball is a magical ball.

9. The poet uses the ball as a symbol of the boy’s

(a) extended family.
(b) sense of adventure.
(c) carefree childhood days.
(d) ability to bounce back.

10. What does the word ‘shaking grief’ mean?

(a) Intense rejoice
(b) Intense sorrow
(c) Mild sorrow
(d) Mild dejection

11. Money or another ball is ______ for the boy who had lost his favourite ball at the harbor.

(a) cheap
(b) valuable
(c) better
(d) worthless

12. “I would not intrude on him’. ‘Who’ will not intrude on ‘him’?

(a) passerby-boy
(b) poet-boy
(c) passerby-poet
(d) boy-poet

13. Where was the boy’s young days going?

(a) His young days went away with the poet.
(b) His young days stayed with the boy.
(c) His young days went along with the ball down the harbour.
(d) His young days went away with the rain.

14. What does a ball cost?

(a) 1 dime
(b) 4 dimes
(c) 6 dimes
(d) 10 dimes

Class 10 The Ball Poem MCQ

15. How are the boy’s eyes?

(a) Dull
(b) Desperate
(c) Brilliant
(d) All of these

16. Why another ball is worthless?

(a) The old ball was branded and of good quality.
(b) He can create the same moments with the new brand.
(c) Another ball cannot bring the same sense of belongingness.
(d) All of these

17. Does the poet condole the boy?

(a) Yes
(b) No
(c) Can’t say
(d) All of these

18. Why does the poet decide not to condole the boy?

(a) He is indifferent
(b) He is busy
(c) He is happy
(d) It will be of no use

19. What could the poet buy for the boy?

(a) Ball
(b) Book
(c) Bag
(d) Toys

20. What is the ‘first responsibility’ the poet is talking about?

(a) Responsibility of asking for help.
(b) Responsibility of taking care of his own things.
(c) Responsibility of feeling of loss.
(d) Responsibility of crying over little things.

21. How does the boy feel losing his ball?

(a) The boy is grief stricken and feeling like he has lost his entire childhood.
(b) The boy feels angry at the ball.
(c) Not affected by the loss.
(d) The boy feels he should get a new ball.

Class 10 The Ball Poem MCQ

22. ‘In a world of possessions’ what does possession mean?

(a) Proprietorship
(b) Sponsorship
(c) Ownership
(d) Responsibility

23. What do you mean by ‘epistemology of loss’?

(a) To understand the nature of loss
(b) To fight against loss
(c) Ownership
(d) Responsibility

24. Why has the poet said that money is external?

(a) Money can’t buy emotions, love, attachment, etc.
(b) Money can only buy all materialistic things.
(c) Anything that provides luxury can be bought with money but emotions can’t be bought with it.
(d) All of these

25. The boy’s eyes are desperate because he_________.

(a) is finally getting his ball back.
(b) is sad to see his ball gone forever.
(c) has given up on seeing his ball.
(d) wants to say goodbye to his ball.

26. Name the literary device used in, “And no one buys a ball back.”

(a) Simile
(b) Alliteration
(c) Metaphor
(d) Anaphora

So, these were Class 10 The Ball Poem MCQ.

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