Class 10 A Triumph of Surgery MCQ

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Written by James Herriot, this is a humorous story of an obese dog named Tricki, who is overfed by his over-concerned owner Mrs. Pumphrey.
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Class 10 A Triumph of Surgery MCQ

1. The narrator was a/an

(a) singer
(b) painter
(c) veterinary surgeon
(d) painter

2. The narrator was worried to see

(a) the appearance of the dog.
(b) the low diet of the dog.
(c) Mrs Pumphrey’s love and care towards her dog.
(d) to see the size of the little dog.

3. Why was the narrator worried about Tricki?

(a) As Tricki was not giving him attention.
(b) As Tricki was not playing much.
(c) As Tricki had gained surplus fat which was very dangerous for him.
(d) None of these.

4. Who was Tricki?

(a) A dog
(b) A cat
(c) A rabbit
(d) A monkey

5. Who was Mrs Pumphrey?

(a) The nurse
(b) The maid
(c) The mistress
(d) The caretaker

6. Who does ‘I’ refer to in the story?

(a) Mrs Pumphrey
(b) Veterinary surgeon
(c) Tricki
(d) None of these

7. Who was Hodgkin?

(a) The gardener
(b) Owner of the dog
(c) Veterinary surgeon
(d) Dog

8. Where did the narrator see the dog?

(a) At his clinic
(b) In the park
(c) At his house
(d) In the street

9. How did Tricki look?

(a) Too much thin
(b) Very active
(c) Very fatty like a bloated sausage
(d) Quite smart

Class 10 A Triumph of Surgery MCQ

10. ‘Pulled up my car’. What does pulled up mean in this?

(a) Improve your situation
(b) Slow down and stop
(c) Move it closer to something or someone
(d) An exercise involving raising oneself with one’s arms

11. Whom does the author blame for Tricki’s illness?

(a) Tricki
(b) Himself
(c) Mrs Pumphrey
(d) Hodgkin

12. What problem does Mrs Pumphrey think Tricki has?

(a) Malnutrition
(b) Diarrhoea
(c) Allergy
(d) All of these

13. When Tricki was seriously ill, who did Mrs Pumphrey make a frantic call?

(a) To her son
(b) To a vet doctor Mr Herriot
(c) To her daughter
(d) To her husband

14. What was Tricki’s actual problem?

(a) Vomiting because of excess food
(b) Fever
(c) Malnutrition
(d) Malaria

15. Mrs Pumphrey was a:

(a) gentle lady
(b) poor lady
(c) rich lady
(d) selfish lady

16. What did the doctor advise Mrs Pumphrey?

(a) To give proper diet
(b) To feed the dog more food
(c) To cut down on sweet things
(d) To give only bitter foods

17. Why was Mrs Pumphrey giving little extra between meals to him?

(a) To make him active
(b) To make him energetic
(c) To make him healthy
(d) To make him fat

18. Why the little dog was not doing enough exercise?

(a) He has hurt his leg.
(b) The gardener who took him for the walk was down with body ache.
(c) He has grown too big.
(d) He keeps sleeping for the whole day and night.

Class 10 A Triumph of Surgery MCQ

19. Which of the following explains the appearance of Tricki?

(a) Watery eyes
(b) Tired
(c) Surplus fat
(d) All of these

20. What was the dog unable to play?

(a) Walk
(b) Ring-throw
(c) Hide and seek
(d) All of these

21. What did Mrs Pumphrey feed Tricki every night?

(a) Horlicks
(b) Malt
(c) Cod liver oil
(d) All of these

22. What are the reasons of Tricki’s ‘deteriorating health’?

(a) Lack of nutrients
(b) His overeating
(c) Lack of exercise
(d) Both (b) and (c)

23. Why did Dr. Herriot try to sound severe?

(a) To impress Mrs Pumphrey
(b) To upset Mrs Pumphrey
(c) To make Mrs Pumphrey take his advice seriously and act on it
(d) To prove his competence

24. The other dogs decided that Tricki was a:

(a) brave animal
(b) uninteresting object
(c) very interesting animal
(d) very funny

25. What did Tricki do all day?

(a) kept sleeping all day
(b) kept playing out in the garden
(c) kept lying on the carpet
(d) all of these

26. According to Mr Herriot, Tricki looked like a ______

(a) sausage
(b) wolf
(c) chicken roll
(d) tiger

27. For how many days, Tricki was not given any eatable.

(a) Two
(b) Three
(c) Four
(d) Five

Class 10 A Triumph of Surgery MCQ

28. _________ and ________ were Tricki’s favourite things.

(a) Rice and fish
(b) Khichdi and chicken
(c) Cakes and chocolates
(d) Cakes and cookies

29. Who was Joe?

(a) A cat
(b) A nurse
(c) A dog
(d) A caretaker

30. What did the dogs know about food?

(a) The food wasn’t good.
(b) If they ate slow, other dogs would eat their meal.
(c) Mealtime was not the best part of the day
(d) There was no competition for their meal

31. What does the narrator refer to Tricki as in the group of dogs?

(a) He didn’t say anything
(b) Shaggy little object
(c) Silky little object
(d) None of these

32. What does the reference to Tricki as a “silky little object” signify?

(a) Unlike the other dogs, Tricki had lived in the lap of luxury with care and grooming.
(b) Tricki was a very small and rather pampered dog.
(c) The narrator’s mockery of Tricki’s life and treatment with Mrs Pumphrey.
(d) Tricki was comfortably attired in fine silks and warm coats.

33. How did the staff benefit from Mrs Pumphrey’s overdoing?

(a) Breakfast with eggs
(b) Lunch with wine
(c) Dinner with brandy
(d) All of these

34. Why is the narrator tempted to keep Tricki as a permanent guest?

(a) He thought Mrs Pumphrey wouldn’t take good care of Tricki.
(b) Because he loved Tricki.
(c) They would lose all luxuries like eggs, wine and brandy.
(d) None of these

35. Why lunch became a ceremonial occasion for Mr Herriot?

(a) He had brandy to drink.
(b) He had fine spirit to drink.
(c) He had two glasses of wine before and several during the meal.
(d) He had two eggs to eat every day.

36. Why does the narrator describe being “trampled on and squashed” as joys?

(a) To mention the simple pleasures of canine life.
(b) To suggest the irony about the strange ways of dogs.
(c) To direct attention towards Tricki’s successful recovery.
(d) To compare it to Tricki’s earlier play-time at the house.

Class 10 A Triumph of Surgery MCQ

37. What is the meaning of the word ‘convalescing’?

(a) Worsening
(b) Recovering
(c) Condescending
(d) Disappointing

38. What made the narrator call Mrs Pumphrey after a fortnight?

(a) Tricki got unwell
(b) He knew she was suffering
(c) Tricki had recovered
(d) Both (b) and (c)

39. “I think I know a cure for you.” What is the ‘cure’?

(a) Giving injections
(b) Controlling Tricki’s diet
(c) Giving him a surgery
(d) Keeping under observation

40. What did the doctor use out of these articles sent by Mrs Pumphrey?

(a) Coats
(b) Toys
(c) Cushions
(d) None of these

41. How did the other dogs behave with Tricki?

(a) They accepted him as a member of the gang.
(b) They behaved ruthlessly and injured him.
(c) They refused to accept him as a member of the gang.
(d) None of these

42. What had happened after the narrator opened the door as Tricki began to whimper when he heard the dogs in the yard?

(a) Tricki trotted out.
(b) Tricki followed all the dogs.
(c) Tricki was surrounded by Joe and his friends.
(d) All of these

43. What was the usual scenario when the food was served to the dogs at the surgery?

(a) Headlong rush
(b) High-speed eating
(c) Sounds of eating
(d) All of these

44. What made Tricki a lithe and hard-muscled animal?

(a) His staying with Mrs Pumphrey.
(b) His hungriness for a week.
(c) His balanced eating with exercise.
(d) His overeating with bone-breaking exercise.

45. What made Mrs Pumphrey cry in the end?

(a) Leaving of Mr Herriot
(b) Transformation of her pet
(c) Transformation of her body
(d) Death of her pet dog

So, these were Class 10 A Triumph of Surgery MCQ.

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