Class 10 Fire and Ice MCQ

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Class 10 Fire and Ice MCQ.

Written by Robert Frost, the poem refers to two predictions of how the world will end.

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Class 10 Fire and Ice MCQ

Word Galaxy

  • Perish – die
  • Suffice – be sufficient

1. The people of the world think that the world will end in ________.

(a) earthquake and cyclone
(b) fire and ice
(c) fire and tsunami
(d) melting of glaciers

2. What does the poet compare fire with?

(a) hot
(b) desire
(c) hatred
(d) indifference

3. The poem is a _________, put across by the poet.

(a) heart-felt apology
(b) vengeful threat
(c) powerful warning
(d) earnest appeal

4. The poet’s opinion is that the world will end in _______.

(a) ice
(b) earthquake
(c) tsunami
(d) fire

5. What does ‘ice’ symbolize?

(a) Passion
(b) Love
(c) Indifference
(d) Sympathy

6. The word ‘suffice’ means _______

(a) insufficient
(b) sufficient
(c) courageous
(d) unhappy

7. ‘Tasted of Desire’ the poet is ________.

(a) talking about his experience of desiring something.
(b) missing desire
(c) afraid of tasting desire
(d) unaware about desire

8. Name the poetic device used in the line ‘Some say the world will end in fire’.

(a) Oxymoron
(b) Metaphor
(c) Imagery
(d) Simile

9. What is the contradictory opinion of the world?

(a) Some believe the world will end in ice.
(b) Some believe the world will end in fire.
(c) Some believe the world will end in rain.
(d) Both (a) and (b)

10. What would suffice if the world were to perish the second time?

(a) Ice
(b) Hatred
(c) Fire
(d) Both (a) and (b)

Class 10 Fire and Ice MCQ

11. Personification has been used by the poet in __________.

(a) Ice
(b) World
(c) Fire
(d) Both (a) and (c)

12. Name the poetic device used in the line ‘I had with those who favour fire’.

(a) Alliteration
(b) Personification
(c) Assonance
(d) Both (a) and (c)

13. What is the mood of the poet in the entire poem?

(a) Pensive
(b) Nostalgic
(c) Speculative
(d) Excited

14. The poem is a predominantly symbolic poem because it _________

(a) showcases contradictory notions.
(b) uses imaginary methods of the end of the world.
(c) has scientific conclusions
(d) none of these

15. What is the rhyming scheme of the poem?

(a) aa ab bc bcb
(b) abaa bc bcb
(c) abab bc bcb
(d) aaba bc bcb

16. How are ice and fire similar to each other though they have contradictory traits?

(a) Both are helpful for the world.
(b) Both signify same meaning.
(c) Both will destroy the world.
(d) Both are part of the nature.

17. In the line, “But if it had to perish twice”, what does ‘it’ refer to?

(a) World
(b) people
(c) fire
(d) ice

18. What does ‘ice’ doesn’t stand for?

(a) Intolerance
(b) Coldness
(c) Love
(d) Hatred

19. The phrasal verb ‘end in….’ used by the poet means________.

(a) a final result
(b) closed as
(c) stopped by
(d) interrupted by

20. Hate makes a man __________.

(a) highly tolerant
(b) insensitive to others’ feelings
(c) a strong human being
(d) none of these

21. What does the poet want to convey through this poem?

(a) Death is inevitable.
(b) Everything is transitory
(c) We should restrain our desires and love our fellow beings.
(d) All of these

So, these were Class 10 Fire and Ice MCQ.

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