Class 10 His First Flight MCQ

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Class 10 His First Flight MCQ.

Written by Liam O’ Flaherty, this chapter is a narrative that describes the maiden flight of a young seagull.
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Class 10 His First Flight MCQ

1. What was the seagull so afraid of?

(a) The young seagull was afraid to make his first flight
(b) His sibling would taunt him
(c) He was afraid to pick up a piece of the fish
(d) All of these

2. The young seagull lived with_____other seagulls.

(a) two
(b) four
(c) five
(d) six

3. Only_______was looking at the young seagull.

(a) the mother
(b) the father
(c) the brother
(d) the sister

4. The seagull couldn’t fly because______

(a) his parents didn’t train him.
(b) he felt his wings would not support him.
(c) he was intimidated by his siblings.
(d) all of the above.

5. Nobody came near the seagull since______

(a) ten hours
(b) twenty hours
(c) twenty-four hours
(d) thirty hours

6. Why was the seagull exhausted?

(a) Due to crying
(b) Due to running fast
(c) Due to strange exercise
(d) None of the above.

7. “The great expanse of sea stretched down beneath.” The word expanse means?

(a) Large open area
(b) Huge
(c) 2-D surface enclosed within a boundary
(d) Inside scope

8. The young seagull was feeling more heat because________.

(a) it was a sunny day
(b) he had not eaten since nightfall
(c) he was facing east
(d) he was afraid of flying

Class 10 His First Flight MCQ

9. What did the young seagull’s parents threaten him with if he didn’t fly away?

(a) To punish him
(b) To abandon him
(c) To starve him
(d) To never talk to him

10. Select the most appropriate reason why the young seagull felt dizzy.

(a) He had an extreme fear of heights
(b) He had not eaten anything for a day
(c) He was flying for the first time
(d) He was feeling excited

11. The sight of _______ maddened the young seagull.

(a) His siblings enjoying without him.
(b) Food
(c) His brother’s flying
(d) All of the above

12. The young seagull made his first flight down the ______.

(a) tree
(b) waterfall
(c) cliff
(d) house

13. How did the mother seagull persuade the young seagull to make his first flight?

(a) by not meeting him for many days
(b) by tempting him for fish
(c) by terrorizing him
(d) by hitting him

14. Who give the young seagull a piece of fish?

(a) Mother seagull
(b) Father seagull
(c) Brother seagull
(d) None of the above

15. In the story, who was not scared of taking their first flight?

(a) Young seagull’s friends
(b) Young seagull’s parents
(c) Young seagull’s siblings
(d) None of the above

16. When the young seagull dived from the cliff, his heart:

(a) stopped
(b) beat fast
(c) sank
(d) popped

Class 10 His First Flight MCQ

17. What happened when the young seagull dived at the fish?

(a) The seagull fell inwards
(b) The seagull fell upwards
(c) The seagull screamed and fell
(d) All of the above

18. What is a herring?

(a) A soft finned sea fish
(b) A hard finned fish
(c) A soft finned freshwater fish
(d) None of the above

19. How did the young seagull make his first flight?

(a) His hunger drove him in search of food towards the sea.
(b) His brother and sister trained him to fly.
(c) His mother showed him the dog-fish and moved away from him to make him fly.
(d) None of the above

20. Why did the young seagull family taunt him about his cowardice?

(a) Because he failed to take the plunge
(b) Because his brothers and sisters could run to the brink despite having shorter wings.
(c) Because everyone in the family was perfect in the art of flight.
(d) All of these

21. ‘Green flooring ahead of him.’ What was this ‘green flooring’?

(a) The houses
(b) The sea
(c) The grass
(d) The plains

22. What was the young seagull’s reaction when he stood on the green floor of the sea?

(a) He was happy
(b) He was sad
(c) He was scared
(d) He was bemused

23. When the young seagull was successful in his first flight, his family gave him?

(a) an eel
(b) a dog fish
(c) a frog
(d) a cat fish

So, these were Class 10 His First Flight MCQ.

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