Class 10 The Black Aeroplane MCQ

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Class 10 The Black Aeroplane MCQ.

Written by Fredrick Forsyth, ‘The Black Aeroplane’ is a story of a pilot who flies the old Dakota DS 088. This story gives a message that how fantasizing about things can distort one’s judgement.

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Class 10 The Black Aeroplane MCQ

1. Which plane the author was flying?

(a) old Dakota DS 088
(b) old Dakota DS 42
(c) old Dakota AB
(d) old Jet DS 088

2. Which country did the pilot belong to?

(a) France
(b) England
(c) Paris
(d) Italy

3. Which country was the pilot flying over?

(a) France
(b) England
(c) Paris
(d) Italy

4. What was coming up in the east behind the pilot?

(a) the sun
(b) the moon
(c) the stars
(d) none of the above

5. How was the weather when the pilot started flying back to England?

(a) There were no clouds in the sky.
(b) The sky was clear.
(c) The moon was coming up and the stars were shining.
(d) All of the above

6. What was the pilot looking forward to?

(a) To meet his family
(b) To have a good breakfast
(c) to reach his destination
(d) Both (a) and (b)

7. What was the time in the watch when the pilot thought of calling the Paris Control?

(a) 1:30 am
(b) 1:30 pm
(c) 2:30 am
(d) 2:30 pm

8. What did the pilot inform the Paris Control?

(a) Dakota DS 008 on the way to England
(b) Dakota DS 08 on the way to England
(c) Dakota DS 088 on the way to England
(d) Dakota DS 008 on the way to Paris

Class 10 The Black Aeroplane MCQ

9. What was the purpose behind calling the Paris Control?

(a) To know the direction of the route
(b) To know about air traffic
(c) To know the details about landing
(d) None of the above

10. Why was the aeroplane twisting in the air?

(a) Due to lightning
(b) As it was dark night
(c) As it was a stormy night
(d) None of the above

11. The Paris Control told the pilot to?

(a) Turn 12° East
(b) Turn 12° West
(c) Turn 22° East
(d) Turn 22° West

12. What did the pilot do before turning 12° West?

(a) Switched over to the second fuel tank
(b) Switched over to the last fuel tank
(c) Checked the compass
(d) All of the above

13. The pilot flew the airplane through the storm. This shows that the pilot was?

(a) coward
(b) brave
(c) frightened
(d) strong

14. Which of the pilot’s instruments stopped working first?

(a) Radio
(b) Compass
(c) Both were working
(d) Both stopped together

15. The author says, “I couldn’t believe my eyes” why?

(a) Because he saw a black aeroplane out of nowhere.
(b) Because he saw his fuel was declining rapidly.
(c) Because the compass was spinning round and round.
(d) It was pitch black inside the clouds and he literally couldn’t see anything.

16. They looked like black mountains standing in front of me across the sky.” What looked like black mountains?

(a) Black mountains
(b) Black plateau
(c) Storm clouds
(d) None of these

Class 10 The Black Aeroplane MCQ

17. The pilot says “I’ll take the risk.” What ‘risk’ did he mean?

(a) flying over an ocean
(b) flying an old plane
(c) meeting an unidentified object
(d) flying through the storm

18. How would you describe the risk the narrator took?

(a) impetuous
(b) calculated
(c) navigable
(d) unavoidable

19. How far was the narrator from Paris when he saw dark clouds in the sky?

(a) 150 km
(b) 200 km
(c) 250 km
(d) 50 km

20. What happened inside the clouds?

(a) Nothing was visible outside.
(b) Everything was suddenly black.
(c) The aeroplane jumped and twisted in the air.
(d) All of the above.

21. When the pilot of the black aeroplane asked the narrator to follow him, in which direction did he turn the aeroplane?

(a) East
(b) West
(c) North
(d) South

22. Who waved at the pilot of the Dakota aeroplane?

(a) Pilot of Black aeroplane
(b) Pilot of Blue aeroplane
(c) Pilot of another aeroplane
(d) None of the above

23. With whom the pilot compare himself when he followed the other pilot?

(a) Obedient child
(b) Unruly child
(c) Rebellious child
(d) All of the above

24. What was strange about the second plane?

(a) The jet black colour of the airplane.
(b) It had an extra fuel tank.
(c) It had no light on its wings but surprisingly, the narrator was able to see the face of the pilot.
(d) It was shining inside the storm.

25. The pilot started to feel frightened once again after the other pilot came to help him. What was the reason for this?

(a) The map flew away.
(b) The radio was not working.
(c) The fuel was enough only for 5-10 minutes.
(d) The compass stopped working.

Class 10 The Black Aeroplane MCQ

26. What would be the reaction of the narrator when he saw the other pilot asking the narrator to follow him?

(a) Anxious
(b) Casual
(c) Hopeful
(d) Confused

27. What were the ‘two straight lines’ mentioned in the chapter?

(a) Signals from Black aeroplane
(b) Runway to land
(c) Lightning in the black clouds
(d) None of the above

28. After how much time the pilot reached the runway?

(a) After half an hour
(b) Less than half an hour
(c) More than an hour
(d) After an hour

29. What did the pilot do as he landed?

(a) Asked the ground staff to take care of Dakota
(b) Went to the control centre
(c) Ran to the reception
(d) Ran to find the black aeroplane on the runway

30. When the pilot of the old Dakota asked the women in-charge as to who helped him through the storm, she said that:

(a) the radar was not working.
(b) the radar showed another black aeroplane.
(c) it was a UFO.
(d) his was the only aeroplane on radar.

31. The pilot of the black aeroplane helped the pilot of the old Dakota. Who was the pilot of the black aeroplane?

(a) it was sent by Paris Control Room.
(b) it was a mystery.
(c) it was the pilot’s friend.
(d) it was a rescue member.

So, these were Class 10 The Black Aeroplane MCQ.

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