Class 10 The Hundred Dresses – II MCQ

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Class 10 The Hundred Dresses – II MCQ.

Written by El Bsor Ester, ‘The Hundred Dresses – II’ is a sequel to the story ‘The Hundred Dresses – I’.
In my previous posts, I have shared MCQs of The Hundred Dresses – I, From The Diary Of Anne Frank and His First Flight so, you can check these posts as well.

Class 10 The Hundred Dresses – II MCQ

1. Whose letter did Miss Mason read?

(a) Peggy’s letter
(b) Maddie’s letter
(c) Wanda’s letter
(d) The letter from Wanda’s father

2. The letter showed that Mr Petronski was infuriated with the ________ meted out to Wanda.

(a) violence
(b) fun and frolic
(c) discrimination and ill-treatment
(d) disturbance

3. What did the letter convey?

(a) They have moved to the big city
(b) Wanda won’t be attending school
(c) Wanda wasn’t well
(d) Both (a) and (b)

4. What was the impact of the letter on the class?

(a) The students hadn’t considered that they were being mean.
(b) The students found the incident unfortunate and sad.
(c) Nobody really cared for Wanda
(d) All of these

5. Why did Wanda and her family moved to a big city?

(a) so that Wanda could go to the big school.
(b) so that they can live lavishly.
(c) so that no one would make fun of Wanda.
(d) so that nobody can disturb them.

6. How did Miss Mason feel about whatever happened with Wanda?

(a) cruel
(b) sad
(c) unfortunate
(d) Both (b) and (c)

7. Why did the environment of classroom grow so tense and expectant?

(a) Miss Mason’s announcement made everyone still and quiet.
(b) Miss Mason’s thoughtful expression made everyone silent.
(c) Everyone wanted to listen clearly to the letter from Wanda’s father.
(d) All of these.

8. Miss Mason blew on the glasses. Which of the following give the right meaning of this?

(a) The air blown from the mouth on the spectacles.
(b) The practice of blowing air down a tube.
(c) To inflate molten glass into a bubble.
(d) Shaping a mass of glass.

Class 10 The Hundred Dresses – II MCQ

9. The phrase ‘Pollack’ in Wanda’s father letter reveals discrimination on the basis of

(a) gender
(b) race
(c) wealth
(d) religion

10. Why were Maddie’s eyes blurred with tears?

(a) She thinks of herself as a coward for not standing up against the bullying.
(b) She felt guilty of keeping quiet when Peggy bullied Wanda.
(c) The fact that Wanda was nice to her despite getting teased made her sad.
(d) All of these.

11. What Maddie did was worse than what Peggy did. What is the reason for this?

(a) Maddie said nothing and saw everything as a spectator.
(b) Peggy never realised what she was doing was wrong but Maddie did realise this.
(c) Maddie could understand that everything that was happening was nor appropriate as she was also poor.
(d) All of these.

12. How did Peggy like Wanda’s drawings?

(a) She was jealous
(b) She was astonished
(c) She was sad
(d) She was angry

13. “So Peggy had the same idea! Maddie glowed.” What was the idea?

(a) To go and look for Wanda at Boggins Heights.
(b) To apologise to Wanda.
(c) To tease Wanda one more time.
(d) Both (a) and (b)

14. What were the reasons that Peggy gave to prove her actions?

(a) She never made fun of her name.
(b) She never called her a foreigner.
(c) She thought that Wanda was dumb to understand anything.
(d) All of the above.

15. Maddie and Peggy went to Wanda’s house to apologise to her. This shows their

(a) kindness
(b) guilt
(c) pleasure
(d) ego

16. What was Maddie reminded of by the Petronski’s house?

(a) Wanda’s dress; unironed but clean
(b) How they teased her
(c) Wanda’s drawing
(d) How she could stop all of it

Class 10 The Hundred Dresses – II MCQ

17. The grass along the pathway to Wanda’s house looked like______

(a) Monkeys
(b) Snakes
(c) Kittens
(d) Puppies

18. The line ‘plenty of funny names in the city’ suggests that the city

(a) has a special status for all who are willing to be funny.
(b) has foreign people willing to give opportunities to the poor.
(c) is a melting pot of the people from different parts of the world.
(d) is a safe heaven for immigrants if they have funny names.

19. What did the girls write to Wanda?

(a) A letter of thanks
(b) An apology letter
(c) An intimidating hate mail
(d) A friendly letter

20. Why couldn’t Maddie put her mind on her work?

(a) She feels extremely bad after listening to the note from Wanda’s father.
(b) All she could think about was how they troubled Wanda and hoped for a chance to make amends.
(c) She had a sick and guilty feeling in the bottom of her stomach.
(d) All of these

21. What would Maddie do in order to assure Wanda so that she doesn’t leave the school and go?

(a) Tell her that they would fight anybody who was not nice.
(b) Tell her that everyone will be nice to her.
(c) Tell her that they are sorry for what they did.
(d) All of these

22. What Peggy thought that Wanda could not win the contest without her help?

(a) Peggy purposely gave her the idea.
(b) Wanda got the idea of different dresses because of Peggy.
(c) Peggy used to wear different dresses which acted as a source of inspiration for Wanda.
(d) None of these

23. Why did Peggy and Maddie think that Wanda wouldn’t reply?

(a) She didn’t know how to write
(b) She didn’t know how to read.
(c) She must have been sad and angry.
(d) All of these

24. Who was more anxious for the reply?

(a) Peggy
(b) Maddie
(c) Miss Mason
(d) All of them

Class 10 The Hundred Dresses – II MCQ

25. What was the tone of Wanda’s reply?

(a) Hatred
(b) Angry
(c) Friendly
(d) Ungrateful

26. What was Maddie’s reaction on receiving the drawing?

(a) Excited
(b) Sad
(c) Happy
(d) Neutral

27. What was the colour of the dress in Peggy’s drawing?

(a) Blue
(b) Red
(c) Green
(d) White

28. What thoughts came to the mind of Maddie when she was trying to sleep?

(a) Pictures of hundred dresses
(b) Wanda’s faded dress
(c) Wanda’s little house
(d) All of these

29. What did the girls write on the envelope?

(a) Forward ahead
(b) Please forward
(c) Please post ahead
(d) Kindly forward

30. Why was Maddie excited after she studied the dress intently?

(a) Wanda had drawn her face in the drawing.
(b) Wanda had drawn face of Maddie in the drawing.
(c) As the drawing had the same design as Maddie had told Wanda.
(d) The drawing had the same colour that Wanda liked.

31. What did Peggy infer from the drawing?

(a) Wanda liked them
(b) Wanda was a good artist
(c) Wanda hated them
(d) Bot (a) and (b)

32. What moral is drawn from the story?

(a) We should respect the unique differences of our fellow human beings.
(b) To be sensitive to other people’s feelings.
(c) Discrimination and bullying are social evils that should not be tolerated
(d) All of these

So, these were Class 10 The Hundred Dresses – II MCQ.

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