Class 10 The Hundred Dresses – I MCQ

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Class 10 The Hundred Dresses – I MCQ.

Written by El Bsor Ester, this is a story of a poor Polish girl named Wanda Petronski, who is an immigrant in America. She is ocked by her classmates at school for always wearing the same old faded blue dress.

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Class 10 The Hundred Dresses – I MCQ

1. Wanda was a ________ girl.

(a) Jewish
(b) German
(c) Polish
(d) American

2. What was Wanda’s full name?

(a) Wanda Petronski
(b) Wanda Polish
(c) Wanda Patrick
(d) Wanda Polenski

3. What was so unusual about Wanda’s name?

(a) it had an unusual meaning.
(b) it was different than normal American names.
(c) it was long.
(d) it was funny.

4. What is the name of the place where Wanda lives?

(a) Boggins Streeet
(b) Bakers Street
(c) Boggins Heights
(d) Boman Heights

5. Which classroom did Wanda sit in?

(a) Classroom Twelve
(b) Classroom Thirteen
(c) Classroom Fourteen
(d) Classroom Fifteen

6. Wanda had no friends at school and she always kept quiet. This shows that she was

(a) a dumb
(b) an extrovert
(c) an introvert
(d) an egoistic

7. When did students think about Wanda?

(a) Before school began
(b) Outside the school hours
(c) At noon time after school hours
(d) All of the above

8. Wanda was always mocked by her classmates at school for

(a) being a dumb student
(b) wearing glittery dress
(c) talking in local language
(d) wearing same old faded dress

Class 10 The Hundred Dresses – I MCQ

9. Wanda used to sit alone on the last seat in the last row of room thirteen, where all the naughty dull boys of the class sit because

(a) she was talkative
(b) she belonged to a poor family
(c) she was filthy
(d) she was naughty

10. ‘Her feet were usually caked with mud’. What does word ‘caked’ mean?

(a) Empty with nothing left
(b) Covered with something sweet
(c) Covered with a thick dry layer
(d) None of these

11. Which of the following girls was the most popular in the school?

(a) Wanda
(b) Peggy
(c) Maddie
(d) Viena

12. What was Maddie’s full name?

(a) Madger
(b) Madgeline
(c) Madeline
(d) Maddeline

13. Where did Peggy and Maddie sit in the classroom?

(a) In front with other children where students who got poor marks sat.
(b) In front with other children where students who got average marks sat.
(c) In front with other children where students who got good marks sat.
(d) None of the above.

14. What lie did Wanda tell Maddie and Peggy for which they bullied her?

(a) that she had hundred dresses.
(b) that she had fifty dresses.
(c) that she lived in a mansion.
(d) that she had a gold chain.

15. How many friends did Wanda have?

(a) One
(b) Four
(c) Many
(d) No one

16. Who were the two inseparable friends?

(a) Peggy and Wanda
(b) Maddie and Wanda
(c) Peggy and Maddie
(d) None of the above

Class 10 The Hundred Dresses – I MCQ

17. Who is the person who secretly disliked how Wanda was being treated?

(a) Peggy
(b) Maddie
(c) Miss Mason
(d) Jack Beggles

18. ‘Peggy would say in a most courteous manner.’ The ‘most courteous manner’ here means that Peggy was

(a) Trying to impress Wanda
(b) On her best behaviour
(c) Teasing Wanda
(d) Respectful to Wanda

19. What was the contest about for girls?

(a) Rangoli designs
(b) Salad making
(c) Dress designing  
(d) Mehendi designs

20. Who won the drawing contest for boys at the school?

(a) Jack Beggles
(b) Smith
(c) John  
(d) Thomas

21. Who won the drawing contest for girls at the school?

(a) Peggy
(b) Maddie
(c) Wanda
(d) None of the above

22. How many drawings did Wanda draw?

(a) 20
(b) 50
(c) 100
(d) 150

23. The teacher refers to Wanda’s designs as ‘exquisite’ because?

(a) each one had the same colour theme.
(b) each of them was very simple.
(c) each one of the hundred designs was different.
(d) each of them was a copy of the latest fashion trend.

24. ‘They weren’t taking chances on being late today’. Why was the day important?

(a) The results of the contest were announced on that day.
(b) The reason why Wanda was absent was told by Miss Mason on that day.
(c) Peggy would make fun of Wanda after a long time.
(d) Peggy and Maddie got late for school.

Class 10 The Hundred Dresses – I MCQ

25. Why couldn’t Wanda receive the medal that she had earned?

(a) She had fallen sick the day before.
(b) Being a Polish immigrant, she wasn’t allowed to attend the ceremony.
(c) She had been absent from school for some days.
(d) All of these

26. How many pair of shoes did Wanda say she had?

(a) 20
(b) 50
(c) 100
(d) 60

27. How did Wanda dress up for school?

(a) She had hundred dresses and would wear them to school.
(b) She always wore a faded blue dress that was never ironed.
(c) She usually wore somebody’s hand-me-down clothes.
(d) She had a lot of pretty clothes with matching hats.

28. Why did Maddie study the marbles in the palm of her hand?

(a) to show off her marbles.
(b) to make fun of Wanda.
(c) to avoid being the next target of mockery.
(d) as she felt sorry for Wanda.

29. Which of the following shows that Peggy was not cruel?

(a) Cried for hours when saw an animal being mistreated.
(b) Protected small children from bullies.
(c) Never mistreated any animal.
(d) All of the above.

30. What reason did Maddie give herself to justify teasing Wanda?

(a) Wanda deserved it.
(b) Wanda used to lie about her dresses.
(c) Peggy was the best liked girl and couldn’t do anything wrong.
(d) Both (b) and (c)

31. Why did Maddie think that she could be the next target of Peggy and other girls?

(a) Because of her polish origin.
(b) She was poor herself and could be easily picked on since she lacked courage.
(c) She was afraid that others would find out about her old clothes.
(d) Both (b) and (c)

32. What was the reaction of the students after seeing Wanda’s sketches?

(a) Everyone burst into applause.
(b) Everybody was full of awe and admiration.
(c) The students gasped on seeing hundred drawings of beautiful and unique designs.
(d) All of these

So, these were Class 10 The Hundred Dresses – I MCQ.

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