Crafty Tom Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Crafty Tom Questions & Answers.

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Crafty Tom Questions & Answers

Question 1: What worries Tom when he wakes up?

Answer: Tom is worried about the History test.

Question 2: What joke does Sid make about the test?

Answer: ‘The last will or Testament is not what you have to write but the test? Isn’t it?’ He laughs at Tom’s usage of the word Testament instead of test.

Question 3: Why does the doctor take out a large syringe and needle?

Answer: Doctor takes out the large syringe and needle because he knows that Tom is not really ill but is terrified of needles.

Question 4: When and how do the doctor, Aunt Polly, and Sid each discover Tom’s trick?

Answer: Sid and Aunt Polly discover Tom’s trick when Tom says the injections can wait for a day. The doctor realises Tom’s trick when he sees the smudged ink on Aunt Polly’s face.

Question 5: What words does Aunt Polly use in the play to describe Tom?

Answer: Aunt Polly use the words – horrible, scamp, crafty in the play to describe Tom.

Question 6: How does Tom get Fred and Dave to paint the wall?

Answer: Tom pretends that painting the wall is fun. He refuses to go with them to join the gang. Fred and Dave take turns while Tom repeatedly keeps saying, ‘I want to enjoy it myself. You go and play? He makes them feel that painting the wall is really exciting.

Question 7: Read the line and answer the questions:

1. I don’t know what it’s called. But it’s got me.

(a) Who says these words and to whom?

Answer: Tom said this to Sid.

(b) What name is given to ‘it’ by another character later on?

Answer: Testitis abstentious

(c) What reply does the speaker get to his statement?

Answer: ‘You are talking rot! You probably have just a stomach ache or fever.

2. Have you looked in a mirror recently?

(a) Who says these words and to whom?

Answer: Dr Martin says these words to Aunt Polly.

(b) Why is the question asked?

Answer: Dr Martin has realised that Tom has used a red pen to mark his face with spots and the ink has come on to Aunt Polly’s face. He wants to scare Tom saying that his disease is infectious.

(c) What effect does the question have on those present?

Answer: Aunt Polly wipes her face and Sid stifles his laughter.

Question 8: Words and meaning:

(a) Have a go

Answer: Get a chance to do something.

(b) Side effects

Answer: When there is bad/undesirable effect of something we eat or drive, for example, after eating a particular medicine one may get a rash or a loose stomach.

(c) Testitis abstentious

Answer: To be absent to avoid appearing for at test.

(d) A course of

Answer: A series of (here injections); to get repeatedly for a number of days.

(e) Normal temperature

Answer: When one has no fever, body temperature is 98.4°F/36.8ºC.

(f) The dreaded

Answer: Something that one needs to be afraid of.

(g) Last will and testament

Answer: To write your last wish desire/before dying or before you think you are going to die.

(h) I am done for

Answer: I’m finished!

(i) Oh brother!

Answer: To express your surprise or excitement in response to what has been said to you.

(j) Get cracking

Answer: Start the work immediately.

Question 9: Find words with the opposite meaning in the play:

(a) Shout – groan
(b) Lovely – nasty-looking
(c) Painless – painful
(d) Minor/trivial – serious
(e) Falls – jumps
(f) Sense – nonsense

So, these were Crafty Tom Questions & Answers.

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