Crusoe’s Friend Questions & Answers

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Crusoe’s Friend Questions & Answers

Question 1: Complete the sentences:

(a) Friday picked out a good tree and in about a month, the boat was ready.
(b) Crusoe had saved Friday’s life.
(c) It took two months for Crusoe to get the mast and sail ready.
(d) Crusoe made the rudder and fastened it to the stern of the vessel.
(e) Crusoe taught Friday how to use the rudder and he became a good sailor.
(f) Friday covered the boat with boughs of trees.

Question 2: Where did Crusoe take Friday? What did he give Friday to eat?

Answer: Crusoe took Friday to his cave. He gave him some bread, a bunch of raisins and a cup of water.

Question 3: What did Crusoe give Friday to wear? How did Friday feel in his new clothes?

Answer: Crusoe gave Friday a pair of goat-skin trousers, a goat-skin coat and a cap made of hare’s skin to wear. Friday was very proud of his clothes.

Question 4: What sleeping arrangements did Crusoe make for Friday?

Answer: Crusoe made a tent for Friday to sleep in. He made the tent in the space between the two fences. The tent opened by a door into his yard.

Question 5: What did Crusoe tell Friday about his life on the island?

Answer: Crusoe told Friday how he happened to reach the island, how long he had been there and the hard time he had at first to get food and make a home. He also told Friday how lonely he was till the two met.

Question 6: What did Friday think of the boats that Crusoe had made?

Answer: Friday found one of the boats too small. He liked the size of the other boat and told Crusoe that they could sail to his island in a boat of that size. However, as the boat was cracked and rotten, a new one had had to be made.

Question 7: Why did the two friends wait eagerly for November and December?

Answer: The two friends waited eagerly for November and December because they had intended to start on their voyage in one of those months.

So, these were Crusoe’s Friend Questions & Answers.

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