Daddy Long Legs Questions & Answers

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Daddy Long Legs Questions & Answers

Question 1: Write True or False:

(a) Jerusha had never travelled in a train before – True
(b) The trustee is tall and rich – True
(c) Jerusha finds it odd to be writing a letter to her letter to her trustee who she doesn’t know at all – True
(d) The trustee taking an interest in Jerusha’s education makes her feel angry – False
(e) Jerusha obeys the rules in her college – True

Question 2: What does Jerusha think a great deal about all summer?

Answer: Jerusha thought about the kind trustee all summer as he is someone who has taken interest in Jerusha after all these years and made her feel as if she has found a family.

Question 3: Why does Jerusha dislike her trustee name?

Answer: Jerusha dislikes her trustee’s name because how can a person been shown respect who wishes to be called john smith which is not his real name. Jerusha wondered why he couldn’t have chosen a name with little personality.

Question 4: What three things does Jerusha come to know about her trustee?

Answer: The three things that Jerusha comes to know about her trustee is that

  • He is tall  
  • He is rich
  • He hates girls.

Question 5: Why does Jerusha finally decide not to call her trustee by ‘Mr.- Girl Hater or Mr.-Rich Man’?

Answer: Jerusha finally decided not to call her trustee by ‘Mr.- Girl Hater’ because that is very insulting for her and ‘Mr.-Rich Man’ would be very insulting for the trustee as money wasn’t the only important thing about him and he might not even be rich all his life.

Question 6: Read and answer the questions:

‘It’s just a private pet name we won’t tell Mrs. Lippett about.’

(a) What is the private pet name Jerusha refers to?

Answer: The private pet name Jerusha refers to is Dear Daddy Long Legs.

(b) Who is Mrs. Lippett?

Answer: Mrs. Lippett is the matron of John Grier Home.

(c) Why wouldn’t Jerusha like to share the pet name with Mrs. Lippett?

Answer: Jerusha wouldn’t like to share the pet name with Mrs. Lippett because Mrs. Lippett had told Jerusha to behave respectfully towards the kind trustee who is doing so much for her.

Question 7: What does Jerusha find very enlivening?

Answer: Jerusha finds the division of the day by bells very enlivening as it divides the day of the students ‘as to when to eat, sleep and study.

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