Dadhichi Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Dadhichi Questions & Answers.

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Dadhichi Questions & Answers

Question 1: Who created problem for other disciples?

Answer: Dadhichi created problem for other disciples.

Question 2: Where did Dadhichi go for meditation?

Answer: Dadhichi went to Naimisaranya for meditation.

Question 3: Why did Indradev go to Lord Brahma?

Answer: Indradev went to Lord Brahma for getting help to kill the demon king, Vritrasur as he was creating a great havoc.

Question 4: Who was Vritrasur?

Answer: Vritrasur was the demon king.

Question 5: What did Dadhichi do to save the heaven?

Answer: Dadhichi sacrifices his life and gives his bones to make Vajra to kill the demon king, Vritrasur. Thus, he saves the Heaven.

Question 6: Who is called Devraj?

Answer: Lord Indra is called Devraj.

Question 7: Who said to whom?


StatementWho saidTo whom
1. I have no control over myselfDadhichiGurudev
2. Use your strength to help othersGurudevDadhichi
3. He is misusing the power given by Lord Shiva.BrahmadevDevraj Indra
4. I shall go to request DadhichiDevraj IndraBrahmadev
5. Welcome! Devraj.DadhichiDevraj Indra
6. I need your bones to make Vajra.Devraj IndraDadhichi
7. I close my eyes forever.DadhichiDevraj Indra

Question 8: Write True or False for the following statements:

1. Dadhichi was mischievous in childhood – True
2. Strength should be used to vex others – False
3. Vritrasur was the demon king – True
4. Lord Shiva had blessed Vritrasur – True
5. Lord Brahma did not help Indradev – False
6. Lord Indra met Dadhichi in Naimisaranya – True
7. Lord Indra gave his bones to make Vajra – False

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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