Golden Deer Questions & Answers

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Golden Deer Questions & Answers

Question 1: How did Sudhakar spend his childhood?

Answer: Sudhakar spent his childhood in great luxury. His all wishes were fulfilled and he got love and care like a prince.

Question 2: Why did Sudhakar borrow money?

Answer: Sudhakar wanted to entertain his friends and did not want any of his friends should leave him. So, he chose another way of getting money. He met money-lenders to borrow money.

Question 3: What did Sudhakar do when he was not able to return money?

Answer: When Sudhakar was not able to return money, he climbed on a hill and from its peak jumped into the river flowing down.

Question 4: How did Sudhakar pay back his debt?

Answer: Sudhakar sold the golden horn which was given to him by the golden deer to pay back his debt.

Question 5: Why did Sudhakar break his promise?

Answer: The king announced that anyone who would bring the golden deer, he would be given much reward. Hearing this, Sudhakar felt greed and broke his promise.

Question 6: Why was the king impressed with the golden deer?

Answer: The king was impressed with the kindness of the golden deer.

Question 7: Write True or False for the following statements:

1. Sudhakar was born in a rich family – True
2. Sudhakar had no friend – False
3. He worked day and night for money – False
4. He was a very greedy man – True
5. Sudhakar had only false friends – True
6. Money lenders gave him money without any problem – True
7. The queen wanted to possess the golden deer – True
8. The king punished Sudhakar for his mistake – False

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