Right Decision Questions & Answers

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Right Decision Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why did King Shivsen perform rites and rituals?

Answer: King Shivsen performed rites and rituals for a child.

Question 2: What did Suryamukhi learn?

Answer: There were many warriors to train Suryamukhi and she learnt all the warfare techniques. She was able to handle many weapons and was very skilled in using sword.

Question 3: How did Vijaypuri touch new heights?

Answer: Suryamukhi was a powerful ruler. She started technical education for the young, made arrangement for employment of people and arranged irrigation facilities for the farmers. The poor and the needy were provided shelter and food. A great number of teachers were employed to educate children. In this way, Vijayapuri touched new heights of prosperity in her reign.

Question 4: What was Suryamukhi’s condition for marriage?

Answer: Suryamukhi’s condition for marriage was that she would marry a man who would defeat her in a duel using swords.

Question 5: Why was Prince Jayant able to defeat Suryamukhi?

Answer: Prince Jayant was able to defeat Suryamukhi because he watched the tactics of Suryamukhi for many days sitting in the arena.

Question 6: Who paid respect to Suryamukhi?

Answer: Prince Jayant paid respect to Suryamukhi.

Question 7: Why did Suryamukhi rejected Prince Jayant?

Answer: Prince Jayant watched the tactics of Suryamukhi for many days sitting in the arena. In this way, Suryamukhi became his teacher and he became her disciple. The marriage between the teacher and the pupil is against the law. So, Suryamukhi rejected Prince Jayant.

Question 8: Who said to whom?

1. “I’ll tell you a story to pass your time.”

Answer: Vetal said to Vikram.

2. “l shall marry the man who will defeat me.”

Answer: Suryamukhi said to Queen Indravati.

3. “l cannot marry Prince Jayant.”

Answer: Suryamukhi said to king Shivsen.

4. “I have accepted your challenge and defeated you.”

Answer: Prince Jayant said to Suryamukhi.

5. “It is against the law to marry you.”

Answer: Suryamukhi said to Prince Jayant.

6. “Was it not unfair to reject Prince Jayant?”

Answer: Vetal said to Vikram.

7. “The marriage between teacher and pupil is against law.”

Answer: Vikram said to Vetal.

Question 9: Write True or False for the following statements:

1. King Vikram climbed up the pipal tree – False
2. Shivsen was the king of Indrapuri – False
3. Suryamukhi was able to handle many weapons – True
4. Queen Indravati had only one son – False
5. Some common man also came to win her hand in marriage – True
6. Suryamukhi rejected Prince Jayant – True
7. It is duty of a pupil to respect his teacher – True

Question 10: Fill in the blanks:

1. Indrasen was a dutiful king.
2. Suryamukhi was brought up with great attention.
3. She had all the qualities required for a ruler.
4. Farmers were provided irrigation facilities.
5. Some common man also went to Vijayapuri.
6. Vijayapuri prospered in her reign.
7. The duel lasted for a long time.
8. Jayant went to the arena to watch Suryamukhi.

So, these were Right Decision Questions & Answers.

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