Daffodils Stanza Wise Summary

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Daffodils Stanza Wise Summary.

Written by William Wordsworth, the poem is inspired by the beautiful landscape around. The poet wrote this poem when he was living with her sister Dorothy in the Lake District. Below is mentioned its Stanza Wise Summary. I have also shared the Wander Thirst Stanza Wise Summary in one of my previous posts so, you can check this post as well.

Daffodils Stanza Wise Summary

Stanza – 1

“I wandered lonely as…………………. dancing in the breeze.”

In this stanza, the poet has compared himself to a solitary cloud. Just like a cloud floats over hills and valley, the poet too has been walking across the countryside without any aim. Suddenly, while walking beside a lake, he saw a large number of golden daffodils that were ‘fluttering and dancing’ in the breeze. They were spread out in long rows along the border of the lake and looked very happy. The flowing breeze made the daffodils flutter and it seemed as if they were dancing.

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Stanza – 2

“Continuous as the stars…………………… heads in sprightly dance.”

In this stanza, the flowers are compared to the stars. Just like stars, the daffodils were shining as they were golden in colour and were twinkling as they were fluttering in the breeze. The poet says that the daffodils were stretched in a never-ending (continuous) line and they were visible as far as he could see along the shore-line of a bay. He further says that the daffodils were tossing their heads as if they were dancing in happiness.

Daffodils Stanza Wise Summary

Stanza – 3

“The waves beside them danced…………………show to me had brought.”

The poet says that there were waves that were dancing in the lake but were no match for the waves of daffodils rippling in the breeze. The joyful dance of daffodils was a way better than theirs. The joyful company of daffodils was the ultimate source of pleasure for the poet and he can feel nothing but happiness in that company. Although, he kept on looking at the daffodils but he could not fully appreciate the scenery before him because it was in abundance and he could take away just a little bit of it.

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Stanza – 4

“For oft, when on my couch……………………….dances with the daffodils.”

In the final stanza, the poet says that whenever he lies on his couch and is in low spirits or when he is sorrowful, the sight of the daffodils flashes in his mind and becomes the source of joy in his solitude. The memory of daffodils takes away all his sorrows and boredom thus making him happy and it seems to him as if his heart is dancing with the daffodils. 

So, this was Daffodils Stanza Wise Summary.

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