Dutiful Rana Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Dutiful Rana Questions & Answers.

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Dutiful Rana Questions & Answers

Question 1: Write True or False:

1. Shibi Rana was the king of Maharashtra – True
2. Shibi Rana was a just and kind-hearted ruler – True
3. Dove was chased by a fierce-looking fox – False
4. The king took the fox into his cloak to shelter it – False
5. The eagle saw a tear roll down the left eye of the king – True

Question 2: Fill in the blanks:

1. Rarely are we called upon to make such a sacrifice in life. Yet even when we are asked to give up small things for someone else we prefer to forget our promise.
2. Learn to fulfil your commitment.
3. A person who understands his / her commitment and keeps his words is loved and trusted by all.
4. If you are true to your word everyone will like you.
5. Always keep your promise and commitment, however, difficult and demanding the sacrifice it may be.

Question 3: Why was Shibi Rana considered to be a kind-hearted ruler?

Answer: Shibi Rana considered being a kind-hearted ruler because he was prepared to even sacrifice himself for the weak.

Question 4: What cause the eagle to become angry with the king?

Answer: The eagle was about to pounce on its prey which was the dove but the king took it into his cloak to shelter it. So, the eagle became angry with the king as the king deprived the eagle of its prey.

Question 5: Did the king let the eagle to starve?

Answer: No, the king did not let the eagle to starve. He promised him to provide an equal quantity of any other food that he chooses to eat.

Question 6: What did the eagle demand instead of the dove?

Answer: Instead of the dove, the eagle demanded an equal quantity of king’s own flesh and that too from his left side of the body.

Question 7: What was the reason for the king’s tear?

Answer: The reason for the king’s tear was that the bird began to weigh more and more, and the two weights could not be made equal.

Question 8: Who were the dove and the eagle? Why did they come to the king’s court?

Answer: The eagle and the dove changed into the forms of Indra, who represented Varun and Agni. They came to the king’s court to test him.

Question 9: What do you learn from the lesson?

Answer: The lesson that we learnt is that we have commitments towards our parents, teachers, elders, brothers and sisters, society and nation and we should fulfil our commitments. This is because a person who understands his/her commitment is loved and trusted by all.

So, these were Dutiful Rana Questions & Answers.

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