Do Good and Reap Good Questions & Answers

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Do Good and Reap Good Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Valley – a low area of land between hills
  • Hate – dislike strongly
  • Echo – resound
  • Hug – embrace tightly to express affection
  • Surprise – something unexpected

Question 1: Where was Malli’s house?

Answer: Malli’s house was near a valley.

Question 2: How was the valley?

Answer: The valley was surrounded by beautiful hills and trees.

Question 3: On what day was the village fair held?

Answer: The village fair was held on Sundays and holidays.

Question 4: What did Malli ask his mother?

Answer: Malli asked his mother ten rupees to buy ice-cream.

Question 5: Why was Malli angry with his mother?

Answer: Malli’s mother didn’t give him money so, he was angry with her.

Question 6: What was he afraid of?

Answer: He was afraid of the valley shouting back at him.

Question 7: Choose the correct option:

(a) Once there lived a boy Malli with his mother, near a_________.

i. city
ii. valley
iii. canal

(b) Malli asked his mother to give him ten rupees to_________.

i. donate
ii. buy an ice-cream
iii. buy a toy

(c) The son said to his mother, “I hate you”. Because_________.

i. she did not allow him to the valley.
ii. she did not give him money to buy an ice-cream
iii. he asked him to shout, “I love you.”

(d) In the end, the boy heard the echo saying_________.

i. “I hate you.”
ii. “I shout you.”
iii. “I love you.”

(e) _________ taught a lesson to the boy.

i. The mother
ii. The hill
iii. The valley

So, these were Do Good and Reap Good Questions & Answers.

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