The Loyal Mongoose Questions & Answers

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The Loyal Mongoose Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Trust – belief
  • Cradle – a baby bed
  • Guard – save
  • Return – come back
  • Stains – a coloured mark

Question 1: What was the farmer’s pet?

Answer: The farmer’s pet was a mongoose.

Question 2: Where did the farmer and his wife go one day?

Answer: One day, the farmer went to his field as usual in the morning and his wife had to go out on some work.

Question 3: Which animal entered the farmer’s house?

Answer: A snake entered the farmer’s house.

Question 4: Why did the mongoose kill the snake?

Answer: The mongoose killed the snake because the snake might have harmed the baby.

Question 5: Who sent the mongoose out?

Answer: The farmer’s wife sent the mongoose out.

Question 6: Why did the farmer’s wife drive the mongoose away?

Answer: When the farmer’s wife returned, she first saw the mongoose with blood stains on its mouth and teeth at the entrance of the house. She thought that the mongoose had killed the baby. So, she lost her temper, took a stick and drove the mongoose away.

Question 7: How did the farmer’s wife feel when she saw the baby alive?

Answer: The farmer’s wife felt sorry for what she had done to the mongoose.

So, these were The Loyal Mongoose Questions & Answers.

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