The Good Samaritan Questions & Answers

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The Good Samaritan Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Bleed – lose blood
  • Ditch – a long narrow passage cut into the ground
  • Well-to-do – rich
  • Succour – give help to someone in difficulty
  • Noble – of high quality, especially morally
  • Generous – showing readiness to give money, help, kindness, etc.
  • Parable – a short simple story which teaches a moral or religious lesson

Question 1: Describe the pitiable state of the man in two short sentences.

Answer: The man laid bleeding to death in dirt on the side of the road. He could barely raise his head to beg for help and was moaning.

Question 2: “I don’t want to dirty my hands.” Who said this and to whom?

Answer: The second passerby said these words to himself.

Question 3: “I’m sure he’s no one I know”. Was this a good reason not to help the wounded man? Justify your answer.

Answer: No, it was not a good reason. On humanitarian grounds, every human should show kindness towards others and should help the needy.

Question 4: Who helped the wounded man?

Answer: A Samaritan who came walking along the road helped the wounded man.

Question 5: There was something special in the fourth man’s act of kindness. What was it?

Answer: This man not only nursed the wounded man but he took him in the care of an innkeeper giving money. He asked to put him in a clean bed and spend whatever needed to take good care of him until he is strong.

Question 6: What first aid did the Samaritan give the wounded man? What was the beast of burden in ancient days?

Answer: The Samaritan lifted the wounded man’s head gently and removed the dust from his mouth. He took some water, cleaned the man’s eyes and also gave him some water to drink. Then, he carried the man, put him on to his donkey and brought him into town. To look after him, he arranged an innkeeper until he was strong again. Donkey was the beast of burden in ancient days.

Question 7: The Samaritan was well-to-do. Give two reasons for this after reading the text.

Answer: The Samaritan owned a donkey and carried wine with him. He also gave some money to the innkeeper to take good care of the wounded man until he becomes strong again.

Question 8: Who narrated this parable?

Answer: Jesus Christ narrated this parable.

Question 9: What moral lesson did Jesus teach through this parable?

Answer: Through this parable, Jesus taught his followers to love everyone especially strangers and those who are in need of help.

Question 10: Write True or False:

(a) The first traveller gave the robbers a good fight – False
(b) The man suffered serious injuries – True
(c) The sight of the wounded man frightened the priest – False
(d) The fourth traveller had noble and generous feelings – True

So, these were The Good Samaritan Questions & Answers.

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